How To Mount A 65 Inch Samsung Curved Tv? | Let’s Find Out!

When you bring your gigantic 65-inch Samsung curved TV home from a store and carry it back, you’ll surely be pleased as punch. Unfortunately, however, this victory may take a little bit of a turn for the worst. Because when faced with all of the challenging questions like how to mount a 65 inch Samsung curved tv. You should shop around! But don’t worry, I have compiled everything in this article on how to mount a 65-inch Samsung curved tv to ease you through your mounting fears.

So, if you’ve been considering questions like how to mount a 65 inch Samsung curved tv on the wall, prepare yourself for an easy and rewarding process.


These tips will provide a step-by-step overview of the necessary parts. And tools you’ll need to get started, as well as information on where the best place is to mount your TV finish. And with a complete list of commonly asked questions and answers. Let’s get started.

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What’s The Best Place To Mount Your 65-Inch Samsung Curved Tv?

To choose the best mount for the back of the TV, you first and foremost need to determine. Whether or not the mount will be able to support the weight of your TV. For example, a 32-inch Samsung Smart TV weighs only around 19 pounds. 

However, a 65-inch Samsung smart TV weighs 46 pounds. Nevertheless, when it comes to mounting size, I recommend that you stick with mounts. Because these are at least 75 inches rather than the more common 60-inch ones.


Because the larger size may affect how much pressure you’re putting on your wall. It could then result in an image that is not correctly straight or crooked.

Finally, I strongly recommend using metal mounts for more extended sizes (especially for over 40″) TVs. You ensure there is a stud within 8 inches of where the mount will be mounted to prevent any unnecessary accidents from occurring should part of the metal arm give out under pressure.

What Height To Mount The 65-Inch Samsung Curved Tv At?

The height of your television is the first thing to consider when mounting it. The room you want to mount the TV in should be an essential consideration when deciding what height to angle your set.


First, think about how high off the floor you want your TV to be. And how high that will be compared to everything else in the room. Next, determine whether you will watch television from a couch or sit at a bar or a different location (e.g., pool table).

Therefore, once you have made those determinations, decide how comfortable you are with having it so far above eye level. It can make it difficult for those seated on lower furniture.

If it’s more important than the television, remain visible for spotting visitors at the door. And if it isn’t that much higher than your line of sight standing up, then angle the display with its top closer towards eye level. So it appears more natural as if facing someone while speaking.

How To Mount A 65-Inch Samsung Curved Tv?

Let’s move towards the mounting process.

Tools needed:

So, these are the tools you’ll need! 

  • A stud finder to make sure that your TV is mounted on a wall strong enough to hold it.
  • A carpenter’s level to make sure that your TV doesn’t fall over on a slouchy foundation.
  • Screwdrivers – Phillips head and flathead both according to your preference.
  • A power drill is also necessary as drilling holes in specific places will be difficult without its help.
  • And a pencil for marking where each hole should be drilled.
  • You will also want a power inverter for your TV since the extension cord won’t reach from its outlet in the living room to the bedroom. But if you don’t have one already then, I can suggest a power inverter with mounting cables that aren’t too long. So not to spill out of the wall when it’s mounted.

Procedure To Mount A 65-Inch Samsung Curved TV:

STEP 1: 

First, your TV mount should be screwed in at least six places using fasteners appropriate for the wall’s surface.

For example, concrete walls require T-anchors of some kind. Once your TV mount is installed correctly, you can use either push or pull-type mounts to hang your TV.

STEP 2: 

Cover the wall plate by using a plastic cover. It will help the wall plate slide into its designated place without catching on any screws that might still be exposed. And bring attention to itself on the otherwise seamless-looking wall.


To make sure your TV is mounted correctly, you will start using four bolts to fit the brackets and the plate. To ensure that it’s fixed securely and safely, you will use two long arms which are curved at one end.

You can fix this on the bracket of the mounts by turning them through ninety degrees to form a rectangle shape and strapping it in.

Go for ‘tightening’ these arms by attaching them to the TV. And then lifting it above where they need to be secured against the wall.


Once you have attached the brackets to the wall, run the cables from your TV through the appropriate fittings.

You’ll then have to feed these cables into an entertainment unit where they will be able to split off at two different points depending on how you want it configured; make sure that you haven’t left any excess cable hanging out of your enclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Should Be The Size Of Screws To Mount 65-Inch Samsung Curved Tv?

Wall-mounting your television requires standard screws. For televisions less than 23 inches, the size is M4. Plus, for televisions between 24-39 inches, the size is M6. For TVs above 39 inches, the size is M8.

Which Factors Need To Be Considered When Buying A Wall Mount?

Mounting your TV means considering if there are available mounting holes at the back of your television, how big the TV is, and how heavy it is.

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Final Thoughts:

A 65-inch Samsung curved TV is a very beautiful addition to anyone’s home entertainment system! Using the steps mentioned in this article, you should be able to know How to mount a 65-inch Samsung curved tv and mount it with ease. After reading this guide, I hope that you will be confident and proud of your mounted TV. 

Please let me know if you have any questions – I’d love to hear back from my readers as I am always looking for feedback as well!

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