How To Wall Mount A Tv In A Rental?-Follow Easy Steps

Are you looking for how to wall mount a tv in a rental? As you can mount a TV in any room of your choice when you’re living in your own home. But you have to obey the rules and regulations when living in a rental apartment. 

In addition, many rental properties restrict drilling or mounting things to walls if it might harm the wall’s structural integrity or if it would cause other tenants inconvenience. Therefore, if you’re wondering if there are ways around these limitations, don’t worry — there are solutions!


So, just stay with me till the end and scroll down to read on and find out more! Here, learn everything you could ever hope to know about how to wall mount a tv in a rental?

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How To Wall Mount A Tv In A Rental?

To mount your TV, you will need a wall to place it on. Moreover, you need brackets that can be attached directly to the mount. However, different types of wall mounts are available depending on the kind of TV.

Your bracket will be what holds your TV in place so that it may require additional hardware like screws and bolts. In general, TVs can weigh up to 300 pounds depending on how large they are. And whether they are the flat screen or old-style CRT kind.


When hanging a big screen TV, people must first make sure their mounting brackets will support the weight of the television. Consider where you want your new TV to hang. Because too high a position for the television will make it difficult to pull out of balance.

Moreover, If your TV is going to be pulled out, you’ll want to know how straight or angled it will end up. It’s also good to mark where your mounts need to go with small pencil markings so as not to drill them into the wrong places!

Finally, attach your TV to the mount. Use a clamping mount to attach your TV to the wall and clamp it down into place once it has been lifted to the level where you will be mounting it.


Next, connect everything up, and congratulations, you have done it!

How To Choose The Best Place To Mount Your TV In A Rental?

When you’re ready to mount your TV, carefully measure the space where you plan on installing it. For example, will you have enough room to have people in seating areas while still viewing the TV?

What are good viewing angles for television if viewers are likely to be watching it from various locations around the room? Is there enough space between the wall and the seating to route cables discreetly?

Therefore, the most comfortable viewing angles are just above eye level, generally between 3 and 9 feet away.

As a result, you are able to see what is on the screen and make food and other functions easy to access without being obstructed by any obstructions. The distance between your TV and its furniture is a factor here as well.

Still, if you cannot decide the position of your TV, don’t worry. Just take cardboard and tape it to the wall where you want your TV to go.

Once the spot is perfect, measure out around the edges of the cardboard. Then, use these numbers as a guide for placing your TV on the wall next time you are at home alone (it’s much easier when you don’t have someone else to help you!).

How To Deal With Damage From A TV Wall Mount In A Rental?

So, you’re renting an apartment, and you have hooked up your TV to a wall? Then it’s not a big deal. Following these steps will ensure that

it will be adequately taken down when you move out, notifying the landlord. Here are some valuable tips you can use to prevent losing your deposit.

When you remove a mount, you’ll have a lot of holes around the wall left behind. If dust and debris have accumulated within these holes, use a hoover or a hard brush to remove them.

Additionally, if you plan to repair it with plaster that works well on walls, let it dry for 15 minutes first. After the filling process, remove any excess plastered patches or giant blobs of new material.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Best Ways To Mount A TV Without Drilling Holes?

Mounting your television to a wall without the need for making holes can be done with adhesives. It is, of course, necessary to prepare the wall for this.

And also, the type of adhesive that is appropriate for the task must be considered carefully. For example, if the TV weighs too much, you might need an industrial-strength Velcro strip or mounting tape.

What Is The Best Way To Hide All The Cables The TV Will Need?

You can glue the cables behind the walls. Be sure to apply only to drywall. Use duct tape to keep the wires, and the cables themselves won’t appear on the other side of the wall.

It’s good to get a decorative cover over the power strip. Also, buy some cable clips that match the strip cover.

What Is The Cost Of Mounting A TV On A Wall?

You will drill a hole to hide the wires, attach the fake wall to your natural fence, and connect the TV. With this solution, you won’t have to deal with an angry landlord since the total cost is less than $200.

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Final Words:

While it may seem impossible at first, installing a television in your rental unit can be as simple as hanging a picture with the right tools. After going through this article, I hope that you have resolved your concern about how to wall mount a tv in a rental? 

This article is an excellent way to stay informed on home-related topics without feeling overwhelmed by information. There are many tips and tricks, most of which I will discuss in future articles! So stay tuned and have fun!

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