How Wide Should A TV Stand Be For A 65 Inch TV? | Find Out In 3 Steps!

Are you looking for how wide should a TV stand be for a 65 inch TV? I know Wall mounting televisions can be difficult when it comes down to choosing a stand that is the proper size. Whether your wall mounting or placing your new TV on a stand. You may feel eager to go out and start buying furniture. The first thing you’re going to task you is How wide should a TV stand be for a 65 inch TV?

Therefore, in this article, I am going to explain tips and tricks that can help you set up the perfect home entertainment center.


I will systematically present these tips so that it becomes easier for you to visualize and set up your own entertainment center at home. Many users have tested these strategies, and they have worked amazingly!

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How Wide Should A TV Stand Be For A 65 Inch TV?

The TV stand should be wider than the actual television to provide a more open feel. If you are pairing with a stereo system (since most people would have one), you may want to opt for a more comprehensive TV stand.

Or build enough space on either side to set it up without, which would give the room an empty look if you are looking to set other items on the sides.


If you have a 65” TV, a media stand at least 57” wide is recommended. It has to be sturdy because most big-screen televisions weigh about 100 pounds. So, the structure needs to be able to support it without toppling over or sinking into the ground.

How To Understand The Actual Size Of Your Tv And Tv Stand?

By taking three simple steps, you can find out how to measure your TV stand accurately. Understanding measurement when it comes down to buying a new tv stand is one of the most important decisions.

Before buying one, because you want something with enough space for your television, audio components, and any other items, you may place it on your TV stand.


So, we must ensure we have perfect dimensions so everything fits right!

Step1: Find Out What a TV’s Actual Width Is?

Measuring the size of your TV stand is really all about double-checking its width, which is directly related to how wide your television screen is.

Some models are a bit wider than others in order to give you a better picture quality and viewing experience. So, always check with the manufacturer’s website or user guide if you’re unsure what size your screen measures vs. the dimensions of your intended TV stand.

If, however, you don’t have access to these resources and don’t have any other measuring device on hand, there isn’t an alternative option.

But do not fret as it can be done simply as just by using a ruler! Simply open up a ruler from end to end and slide it across the TV screen from left to right. For an accurate readout of what size you should buy for your ideal TV stand!

Ensure that the television stand you buy is strong enough to support your TV. Ensure that the television stand you buy is strong enough to keep your TV.

If a TV is placed on a stand that is the same size or smaller than the TV itself, it may topple over. When pushed or pulled by wires sticking out of the back of the TV, for example.

Step2: Calculate The TV Stand Height:

There are some factors that need to be taken into account when positioning your TV. First, the folks who will be viewing the TV should be comfortable with its position at all times.

Second, a general rule of thumb is to position your TV between 42%-55″ from its base depending on the size of your room. Thirdly, television height is measured by a stand or mount height + TV height = total TV height.

Therefore, your TV stand should be placed at the proper height. The center of your screen should correspond with your eyesight level, Which is approximately just below 5 feet in most homes.

Find out what height is optimal for your television set without burning energy. For your home, you only need to measure the distance from the floor to the average sightline of viewers.

And then subtract half of the screen’s height. This number will fall somewhere within 1 or 2 inches above or below your visual line with a standard-sized television.

Step3: Measure The Width Of The TV Stand:

To figure out how wide you should make your TV Stand, it’s important to take into account the size of your television as well as the width of your entertainment center.

You may be asking yourself, “Why?” when the answer is simple. So that the stand will adequately fit in between the two and not overlap either one.

Hanging a television on an entertainment unit that doesn’t have enough room would defeat the purpose!

Therefore, to make sure that your stand will fit properly. First, measure your TV screen (full screen, not just the viewable area).

And then add at least an inch to each side (more if you have a larger screen). Still, If you’re having trouble fitting your TV into the stand, make sure that it’s at least three or four inches larger than your screen so it can work correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Space Should Be Left Around A Television?

As a general guideline, let the TV’s back be within 1.5 to 3.5 inches of the wall. And ensure there is at least 1 inch of ventilation on either side of your device. 

Are TV Brackets Compatible With All TV Models?

Like TV wall mounts are compatible with drywall, all TVs use a standard mounting pattern called a VESA pattern. Essentially, it means that no matter which TV wall mount you choose, it’ll be simple to attach to your television.

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Final Words:

A 65-inch curved TV is a beautiful addition to anyone’s home entertainment system! With the simple and easy steps mentioned in this article, you will be sure that how wide should a TV stand be for a 65 inch TV is something you’ll have successfully handled soon.

I hope after reading this guide which I’ve tailored specifically to your need.  You will know how to mount your 65-inch curved TV confidently. And make everyone who visits your house marvel at it.

I’d always like to hear from people who come here to check out the content. So, feel free to drop me a line or two if you have any inquiries.

Have fun!

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