Worried About Tv Falling Off The Wall? | Let’s Solve Your Problem!

Let me know if you are worried about the tv falling off the wall because you might have experienced several times that the tv longs or doesn’t stay fixed in its place. It could be a dangerous scenario. And a problem that you might have damage to one of your most important home assets if it happens. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention. And fix your tv on the wall firmly so that you can always feel safe, secure, and protected. Even if you put a little weight on your tv, it shouldn’t fall. Because you have to do the cleaning and keep your tv away from the dirt.

But for all that, you will have to learn some techniques that will let you minimize your tension if you are really worried about the tv falling off the wall.


I have written this guide only to provide you with solutions that can firmly fix your tv to the wall.

And if you will keep reading this article till the end, you will get the ideas you didn’t know before. So, let’s start this conversation and take it to the next level.

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Most Common Reasons For Your Tv Falling Off The Wall And Their Solid Fixes:

If you have purchased a new tv and want to place it inside your home, I can suggest something. There will be no best place except seeing your Tv on the wall.


Because this type of mounting or tv placement comes with lots of advantages. And makes your daily entertainment easier, compact, and efficient.

But since it is the most technical and time-consuming TV installation, you should know that it does come with some shortenings.

Like if you don’t do certain things properly before seeing your tv on the wall, you may find it dislocated, disordered, and falling out from the wall.


Therefore, it is important for you to understand. Like, if you see your Tv falling off from the wall on which you have mounted it, you will have to take care of it more precisely.

In this case, below are some of the most prominent reasons you will find. If you are pretty worried about your tv falling off the wall. Please take a look.

Tv Falling Because You Have Mounted It On A Dry Wall Alone:

If you have mounted your tv on your own, you might have done it on the wrong wall. It is true that most DIY mounters try to mount their TVs against the walls considering it something like a canvas print.

However, you must understand that your tv holds a way higher weight than a canvas, and it requires solid support to stand against the wall.

In this case, if you have tried or already have mounted your Tv on drywall. And didn’t care about using the studs.

Eventually, there are more chances that your tv will fall and get damaged. But why does this so?

The thing is, you will see that your Tv weight will be creating a strain on the piece of drywall. It is not supposed to offer efficient and effective support to your tv on that kind of wall.

Solution To This Problem:

No problem if you have done something like this with your tv because there is a solution for you.

To avoid such difficulty and secure your tv against the wall from falling, you should again bring it down to the ground.

Then you can use the studs and fix the tv firmly against that drywall. But mounting this tv against this type of drywall will not be safe if you are not using studs.

If You Are Using A Poor Quality Wall Mount:

You might have an idea that all tv mounts are created equally. Well, that’s not right, dude! You know that.

Because you might have tried to save some bucks. And already purchased a poor quality wall mount that couldn’t hold your tv firmly.

And if you have done that, plus used that wall mount to install your tv against the wall, there are pretty good chances that your tv will come down crashing.

It is because those high-quality wall mounts are a little expensive. Still, they are best in providing you with the solidness and firmness you need to fix your tv against the wall.

These are well heat treated and powder-coated metals that come with the capacity to hold. And bear more weight than usual.

In this case, if you had hired a technician to mount your tv against the wall, he has used the low-quality wall mounts that are not holding for more time.

Solution To Fix This Problem:

To fix such a problem, if you have seen that your wall mount is made with poor quality material, it is time for you to bring your tv down.

And again, fix it by using or purchasing a heavy-duty and strong wall mount. Because it could make an easy place on the wall.

Because such type of wall mount will provide you the durability. And solid support you need to fix your tv and see it in a better place.

Successfully, if you will take care of these things, you will be able to place your tv against the wall and make it fix there. It is no big deal because your tv is safer than ever before, and there are no problems you might be facing regarding its fall.

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Wrapping It Up:

Finally, I hope that the article has provided you with more information on your worries plus fixing them. You don’t need to be worried about tv falling off the wall if you easily be able to know what you have done wrong. Because it will always be something that would be missing or not done properly if you face such a situation with your tv.

Therefore, always take the help of a professional and do everything possible to place your tv firmly on the wall.

Hence, I hope you liked the information provided here. If you have more queries to ask, please let me know. Thanks for reading and paying attention. Have a nice day!

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