Can You Hang A TV From The Ceiling? – The Unseen Truth!

Creative TV mounting ideas add to the overall look and feel of your décor. But, in the case of ceilings, the doubt of the very possibility makes you question can you hang a TV from the ceiling.

Ceiling mounts come in handy when you are short on room space. Or, you want a TV to be at a suitable height regardless of the seating distance.


Hanging a flat screen from the ceiling is a wonderful idea itself. However, some changes help an ordinary ceiling; redefine elegance. We have gathered some mounting thoughts to exemplify your everyday décor.

Hanging The TV From The Ceiling – Tools You’ll Need

Before beginning the realization of ‘Can you hang a TV from the ceiling?’ You’ll need the following list of tools and a bit of patience to reach the end.

  • A TV
  • Stud finder
  • A ceiling mount
  • Screwdrivers
  • Screws and fasteners
  • A ladder that reaches the ceiling

Once you have all the tools, you can start the assembly of the mounting brackets. Later, get on with your uninterrupted entertainment.


Steps To Hang Your TV from the Ceiling

Checking the Mounting Holes at the TV’s Back

Firstly, you need to figure out which holes are there for mounting. In most cases, they are present in square or rectangular patterns at the back of the TV. However, you must check the TV’s instruction manual for further assurances.

Assembling the Mounts

Next, fit in the mounts and fix the screws firmly. You need to make sure that the screws of the mount are not overtight or loose. Later, use the appropriate fasteners and washers to attach the mounts to the TV.

Fastening the Additional Support of Ceiling Mount

This step is optional as all mounts don’t have additional supports. Otherwise, leaving them out is a risk. These extra supports help to keep heavier TVs stable in their frame.


In most cases of can you hang a TV from the ceiling, the mounts only attach to the rare of the TV. However, there are models with side fittings as well.

Installing the Ceiling Mount

  1. Firstly, place a ladder below the spot where you want the TV to hang. Make sure that the ladder is stable. In case of instability, ask someone to keep it.
  2. Now, take a stud locator and find the studs in the ceiling. Ceiling mounts need studs to hold on firmly. Hanging a TV from the ceiling without studs will eventually result in falling. Note: You can try other testing methods like pin poke and knock test to find the studs.
  3. Take a pencil and mark the positions of the studs. Next, take the ceiling mount and align it with the marked positions. Use a leveler to ensure that the mount has a perfect balance.
  4. After aligning, use the drill to fix everything in place. Lastly, attach the vertical attachments and hang the TV at the end.

Can You Hang A TV From The Ceiling? – Kinds of Ceiling Mounts Available

Hanging the TV from the ceiling is a laborious task. And, nobody wants their flat-screen falling down due to improper installation. In addition to a secure fastening, the kind of mount you are using matters greatly as well.

A ceiling mount that doesn’t provide easy access to TV is entirely purposeless. Ceiling mounts come in three different types.


Drop-down TV ceiling mounts are the most common. These mounts have a vertical pole attached to the base ceiling mount and, the TV hangs at the end of this vertical pole.

The length of the pole dictates how much the screen can descend. Drop-down mounts usually allow the hanging length from a few inches to three feet. However, you can adjust the descent using the adjustors.

Drop-down mounts have titling angles up to 25 degrees and can do a 360-degree rotation as well. These mounts perfectly answer can you hang a TV from the ceiling, when you have a limited wall and room space.

tv ceiling mount drop down

The Full Swing Mounts

Next comes a full-motion mount. Although the names explain the working of the mounts, there are other things.

A full-motion mount looks like a drop-down mount. However, it allows adjustment of the vertical arm as well. This vertical arm keeps the TV in its frame in all swing positions. Therefore, are best suited to angled ceilings.

ceiling mount for tv full swing

The Flip-Downs

Flip-downs are excellent when you are looking for can you hang a TV from the ceiling to save space. These mounts use a motorized mechanism that moves the screen to an open and closed position. You can press a button on the controller to close the screen when it’s not in use.

These mounts are greatly helpful when you have low ceilings and want to avoid headbanging into a hanging TV.

ceiling TV mount flip down

Things To Keep In Mind When Hanging Your TV From The Ceiling

Using the ceiling to house your TV is an incredibly creative way. However, if you are not careful, it may result in TV drops or injuries. Therefore, we have listed some green zones to ensure a smooth and worry-free user experience.

  • Select a suitable mount for the concerned ceiling. For a low ceiling, a flip-down mount will be the best pick. While for angled ones, you should use the full swing mounts.
  • Next, make sure that the mount provides enough space to fit the TV. For larger screens, you’ll need a spacious mount to keep the edges from scratching.
  • Hanging a heavy TV on the mounts also exposes it to fall. Therefore, double-check the maximum weight capacity of the mount before hanging the TV.
  • Lastly, pick an optimal viewing angle and distance. The thumb rule states the screen fills nearly 30 degrees of the viewer’s viewing field. Hence, for a 43 inches screen, a 5 feet distance is sufficient. Whereas, for larger screens, the distance ranges from 8 to 9 ft.

How to Route Cables When Hanging A TV from the Ceiling

You seldom wonder about the bothersome cables when you are busy finding the answer for can you hang a TV from the ceiling creatively. However, after completion, you find cables hanging in your face. To solve this issue consider the below ideas.

  • Drill a hole in the ceiling and fish the cables to the nearest outlet. It works well when you have a spare attic or a storeroom above the ceiling.
  • Or, if you don’t want to get into drilling you can use cord clippers to bundle the cables and trace them along the wall to the power source.
  • Lastly, you can try installing a plywood board to hang the mounting and hide the cables behind it. Moreover, you can play around with the angles of your room design and camouflage the wires.

Final Words

Limited room or wall space forces you to search for fitting answers to can you hang a TV from the ceiling. Although, the entire process isn’t that much of a struggle. But, a clear walk-through helps nonetheless.

Using ceiling TV mounts is a need as well as a décor theme. However, safety should be your priority when working with ceiling mounts.

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