How to Mount TV On Gyprock Wall?- The Ultimate Way

The television industry is growing rapidly as more and more manufacturers came up with their latest editions in the market. All thanks to an on-going competition in the market. How to Mount TV on Gyprock Wall? Many consumers with Gyprock wall interior ask this question on forum sites. If fall in the same category, then here’s the solution for you! 

Gyprock is a building material used in the construction of ceilings and walls in modern homes. Many people prefer to use gyprock for their walls as it is affordable and easy to install. However, when it comes to mounting a TV on gyprock, you need to think twice before doing so. 


Gyprock is made from gypsum, papers, and some additives to design a thick board. Gyprock is also known as gypsum board or plasterboard. Depending on which type of materials you use, you can mount your Television on the Gyprock. The following step-by-step guidelines will help you mount a TV on Gyprock Wall. 


Note: GripIt plasterboard fixing is crucial to hang and fix the mounting plates. It is a good option to get support to the wall and TV which makes the entire wall-mounting process safe and comfortable. 

How to Mount TV On Gyprock Wall?

Step 1: Identify the Location 

The first thing you need to do here is to identify the location where you want to hang your TV. If you are going to mount it in your drawing room, then you need to choose the location in the front wall at a specific height. 


Make sure to discuss the location of the TV with your family members. Ask for their suggestions and then decide the right place for hanging your TV. 

Step 2: Mark up the Points 

After confirming the location for hanging your TV, the next thing you need to do is mark up the drilling point for the GripiIt. Place the bracket mounting plate on the gyprock wall and mark the points with a pencil. 

For best measurement, you need to use a spirit level tool. Spirit level tool helps you mount your TV straight. You can do it professionally only with the help of the Spirit Level tool. 


Step 3: Drill Holes 

After marking up the drilling holes, the next thing you need to do is drill holes on the gyprock wall using the drilling machine. 

The GripIt fixing requires a 25mm hole. Use the appropriate drill bit for drilling up a 25mm hole in the gyprock wall. Make sure to drill it throughout the wall so that you can install the TV bracket firmly. 

Step 4: Fix the GripIt 

Now, place the GripIt to the wall and tap on it gently using some weight. You can use an iron hammer to tap on it. Just tap on it a few times to fix it properly.

GripIt comes with anti-rotation blades at the edges. As you rotate it, the anti-rotation blades will fix it strongly to the wall. 

This plasterboard fixing is there for plasterboards to hang heavy-weight objects such as TVs, photo frames, and other decorative items on them. 

Step 5: Fix the GripIt Plasterboard Fixing 

Now, take a screwdriver and put it in the center of the GripIt from the backside. Turn the screwdriver in the clockwise direction. The wings of the GripIt will increase their size and hold the wall firmly. Make sure that the wings of the GripIt open up properly. Check the wings before you finish this step. 

Make sure to install the secondary GripIt as per the marking you have done in the second step. You have to install the main mounting stand on to these GripIt so that it can hold the entire unit firmly and provide safety to the TV unit. 

Step 6: Install Mounting Plates

As soon as you fix the GripIt Plasterboard Fixing, you can now install the mounting plates on the Gyprock wall. Take out the bracket plates and put them on the wall as per the marking. 

Now, you have to use the M8 or equivalent bolts to install the mounting plates on the GripIt. You need to screw the bolts gently so that the GripIt can adjust the thickness of the wall and hold the mounting plates firmly. The grip of the GripIt will further increase which is good for you. 

Step 7: Hang The TV

Once the bracket plates are installed, you need to attach the bracket hooks to the plates. Hang your TV on the mounting plate. 

That’s all you have to do to mount the TV on the Gyprock wall. The only thing you require here is a GripIt Plasterboard Fixing which is there for drywalls and gyprock walls. Search for it in the hardware store nearby and you will get it easily from there. Or you can purchase it online from the e-commerce giants. 


  • GripIt Plasterboard Fixing is a must-have for gyprock, if you don’t find it, you can use the toggle anchors and fix them using the wooden board at the backside. For that, you can use large wall anchors or raw bolts to provide strong gripping. 
  • You can use the GripIt Plasterboard Fixing for hanging photo frames and other decorative pieces on the gyprock wall. GripIt Plasterboard Fixing is available in different shapes and sizes. You need to choose the suitable size of them as per the size of your TV. 
  • For a big-siz TV, you need to use multiple GripIt Plasterboard Fixing as a big tv is heavy and requires extra gripping. When you use multiple GripIts, you can easily mount a big-size TV onto the gyprock without having to worry about the safety of the TV. 

Final Words: 

Gyprock wall is made from gypsum material which is not that strong. How to mount TV on Gyprock Wall?– is answered here with step-by-step guidelines for those who were confused about whether they should hang their TV on the Gyprock wall or not. 

Hope the above steps help them mount their newly bought TV on the Gyprock safely. You can share your feedback in the comments section given below this post.

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