How To Mount A Tv Outside On Wood Siding? | Step By Step Guide

If you want to watch tv even outside your home, you might be looking for how to mount a tv outside on wood siding. And if you haven’t found any proper solution yet, you have come to the right place. Here, inside this article, I will teach you some simple and quick-to-follow steps on how you can exactly do such a thing. It is easier and zeroes problematic if you keep reading this post until the end.

So, leave everything whatever you are doing and start reading with me. I need your full attention as only through this would you learn how to mount a Tv outside on wood siding. Let’s get started.


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Why You Mount A Tv Outside On Wood Siding?

You already know the most desired feeling and urge to install a tv outside your rooms on the wood siding.

Because placing your cinema outside is the best thing you can do and enjoy during your summertime.

Having TV outside would give you multiple benefits that you could never have enjoyed during the summertime. It doesn’t let you only watch your favorite TV shows.


But you also get vitamin D by sitting under the sunlight and breathing into the fresh air.

However, you should have to find a proper. And adequate place if you want to install a tv that must be protected from every natural disaster, including the rain, sun and all others.

And the good news is, the process for installing it is not that complicated at all.


Is It Possible To Mount A TV Outside On The Wood Siding?

Yes, it is indeed possible that you can have your TV working outside in your home over a place like wood siding. But you will have to go through the whole procedure in order to mount it right there.

And if you are able to go through the process, you will be able to watch your TV wherever you would like to while sitting under the sun.

Therefore, let’s go with this flow, and you will be able to enjoy what you desire to enjoy here.

Considerations Before Installation:

You might be thinking that having a Tv in the backyard must be fun. But you must know that deciding this requires effort.

It is a little more complicated than just having a mounting bracket and installing it over the wall. Because there are several things that you will have to consider before installing something like this. Here, I have made a list of some important considerations to consider, given below.

  • The first thing you need to consider is where you want to install your TV. You must need to specify any shady spot so that there should not be any glare.
  • The Tv must be completely covered and shielded from rain and sun. Otherwise, the water or bright sunlight may affect those electronics on which your tv runs.
  • You would also have to specify the cable switching and the electrical connection. It is because you may know from where you will be able to give your TV the needed electricity and cable connectivity.

Full Step By Step Procedure To Install A TV Outside On The Wood Siding:

Now, let’s go for the step-by-step process that would teach you how to install a Tv outside the wood siding.

However, it might be a little or too much different on your side depending on the wall. Or some other factors.

But overall, things would be the same, and you will have to do exactly what I am gonna say to you here. So, please keep reading till the end.

Step 1: The Mounting Bracket:

First things first, be sure to have a TV that comes with a mounting bracket, and if it doesn’t, you should buy a new and separate one for yourself.

And be sure to have a mounting bracket that must match the wall onto your going to install your TV.

Because if you don’t do that, you may end up with some uncertainties that would only cause you to return that bracket.

Once the bracket is confirmed, use a pencil to mark the holes into the wood siding. And when the holes have been marked, it’s time to use the drill machine and make places for the bracket installation.

Step 2: Install The Anchors:

In case you have done the first step, you need a hammer to pound in the plastic anchors inside those holes. Be careful while doing things like this.

Step 3: Secure The Mounting Bracket:

Now, in this step, you need to secure your mounting bracket, which means fixing the bracket at its exact place.

However, to do this, you will need to secure the lag bolts at the place by using any kind of an open wrench. It will make your mounting bracket more secured and let it bear more weight without any problems.

Step 4: Fix The Cables:

Now, it’s time for you to fix the cables at a suitable place so that you can connect them easily with your TV.

In this regard, bringing your cables from the inside to the house’s sliding would be the best idea you can use. And you can also secure them in this way.

So, always have this thing in your mind. Always!

Step 5: Secure Your Tv:

In this step, you are finally up to the mark for securing your Tv at the place you have made for it.

So go for the security of your TV over a mounting bracket and use the bracket’s instructions for that. You might need a wrench or any additional nuts for securing your TV over the bracket.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have followed this guide up to this point, I can be sure that you have learned how to mount a Tv outside on wood siding. And I do hope that the article has helped you a lot in that regard. But just in case you have more queries to ask, please let me know through the comment box.

And I am glad that you have spent your time reading this post. Thanks for that. Keep visiting, keep spreading love. Have a great day!

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