How To Keep Tv From Tipping Over?- A Detailed Overview

Do you want to know how to keep tv from tipping over? Then this post is for you because here we will guide you about saving your expensive tv.

Since the invention of electricity, TV stands have become readily available. It is not uncommon to see one in every household.


One universal complaint with these stands is that they tend to tip over very easily. It can be frustrating for those who want to enjoy their favorite content without fear of an expensive TV crashing down on them. Fortunately, there are some things you can do so your TV stand will not tip over.

When you need to take a break from watching your favorite television show, you know that the last thing you want to be doing is frantically trying to balance your TV on top of a pile of books so that it won’t fall over and destroy your entertainment center.

Luckily, there are several easy ways to keep tv from tipping over and ensure that it doesn’t ever fall over or become a hazard.


Tv stands are designed to keep your tv from toppling over, but sometimes these aren’t enough. We have given you the solution on how to keep tv from tipping over in this post. You should use small weights to anchor the stand against tipping. 

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Ways To Keep TV From Tipping Over

Use Strap For Proper Balance To Keep TV From Tipping Over:

The Safety of TV is important, especially with the increase in streaming services and smart TVs. Placing your TV on a surface that can slide or shake is dangerous because it could fall off.

One way to save tv from tipping is by using anchors like straps, bungee cords, or screws to attach it to the base. Another option would be to push the TV into the wall.


to prep to paint kitchen cabinets then we’ve collected some tips for you. It would help to secure all televisions in the house and the stands on which they are mounted.

You can use products created expressly for anchoring on television. Although televisions are not obliged to come with anchors, flat-screen TV anchoring products are available. Strapping will save your tv from tipping over.

 These items should include various required bolts for connecting the anchoring device to the pre-threaded holes on the back of each television.

Drilling into televisions is not a good idea. You can use TV anchoring safety straps to tie a TV to studs in the wall or the back of a firmly anchored piece of wood that can support the weight and volume of the TV. 

Use Some Precautions To Avoid Tipping Over:

If you have an old TV, the lack of a TV stand is not the only problem. TVs are large, and they can slip off of tables or other surfaces, which can be dangerous.

Even if your TV is on a stand with a wide base, it’s still at risk of tipping over. The fix doesn’t have to be expensive either – head to shop with your measurements and find something cheap that will work.

Anchor your televisions to ensure they will stay safe and not tip over. TVs have changed drastically over the years, becoming slimmer and more optimized for the way you live your lives today.

The trouble is that as TVs have become sleek, many of their more vulnerable parts become invisible to us, especially those that are easy to forget about – the base.

Keep Away Toys And Remotes From The TV:

TV, remote, and toys can work as a distraction to an unsuspecting child. Furthermore, these items can create a safety hazard and cause the TV to tip over.

One of the most common causes of TV tipping is that children climb on top of the TV stand or furniture and then push on the TV stand’s surface, which causes the TV’s weight to become too heavy for the stand.

Tv tipping over is a very common issue these days; this is due to people putting more pressure on the Tv while it is perched on the stand.

To avoid tipping your Tv over, make sure that you do not put anything on top of the TV stand while standing. It includes remote controls, toys, books, and cushions.

Manage The Tv Cables And Wires Properly:

TV cables can be especially tricky to keep up with. You can also feel like you’re running out of space in your living room with all the wires and cords that are lying around.

It’s easy for your cable box, TV, and devices to tip over, which could lead to costly repairs. Take the time to organize your home theater set-up by minimizing cable clutter.

It is important to place your tv cables on the wall or furniture to prevent accidents with your tv. Many people mistakenly believe that you should put the tv cable on the floor.

Because it will save it from tipping over, but this will cause more problems because if there were a power surge, it would hit the ground instead of your power cord.

Keep children at a distance from the tv to keep it from tipping over

It’s important to keep your children away from your TV. For one, they may become obsessed with it; for another, they might be tempted to throw things at it.

But what most parents don’t realize is that TVs are also susceptible to tipping over. A strong child can knock down a heavy TV without any problems whatsoever.

It might seem like a good idea to have the TV on the floor for kids to watch, but you shouldn’t. TVs can tip over and cause injury, especially if there are small children in the house. For peace of mind, prop your TV up on a sturdy stand or mount it securely to the wall.

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Final Words

Make sure to keep your TV in an upright position at all times. When the TV is not in use, You should disconnect it from power sources or wall outlets. Please read the tips as mentioned earlier carefully because we have given you a full guide on how to keep tv from tipping over.

 If you are transporting your TV to a different location, make sure to always flip the TV on its side before taking it out of the house.

To close, make sure always to transport your TV on its side when moving it between locations, and never place it on an unstable surface.

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