How To Hide Tv Wires Over Fireplace Without Cutting Wall? | 6 Easy Steps

Are you here looking for how to hide tv wires over fireplace without cutting wall? Sometimes, people might underestimate what dangers televisions and the streaming boxes associated with them can pose for children. Kids might be going through a phase where they want to get into everything, which can sometimes lead to danger. 

Therefore, If you’re looking for how to hide tv wires over fireplace without cutting wall effectively and creative ways to conceal the mess of cords behind your TV without making any permanent changes, you’re in luck. As I have tried to answer your query in the best way in this article.


Perhaps the primary motivation behind hiding and organizing TV wires in your living room originates from frustration with how they look.

They take up far too much physical space, which makes them unsightly. So, I’ve collected a ton of amazing ideas for you today, which will hopefully make hiding your cables much easier than you ever thought possible! Let’s get started!

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How To Hide Tv Wires Over Fireplace Without Cutting Wall?

There are so many ways you could go about doing this. Some of the most popular approaches are as follows, and I hope you will find a solution to fit your particular needs regarding hiding the wires of your television or tv cables.


Step 1: Put A Fabric Covering On A Wooden Frame:

If you want to hide your TV cords, one of the best ideas is to use some lightweight fabric. You’ll need a large fabric panel that you can hang on the wall in front of your TV equipment. The size of the panel will entirely depend on how tall your walls are and where you plan on hanging them. 

For your frame, you will need some durable material – I recommend particle board for its strength and lightweight.

To make the frame, simply attach four studs (support posts) with a few screws or strong glue instead if you wish for a more permanent structure. 


Now run all of those tangled TV wires behind the curtain and hide them from view.

But in case you need access to them later, by all means, go ahead. When that’s all done, neatly fold up the curtain, hook it onto its supports and enjoy watching your favorite shows free from distraction!

Step 2: Create A Raceway With The Same Color As The Wall:

Cable management raceways are a great hiding solution for TV wires or cables. Many plastic tubes come with adhesive backs and can be stuck on the wall in seconds to remove the unsightly mess.

However, most cable management raceways come in white and do not blend in if your walls are another color, such as gray or black. 

Therefore, a simple paint job like using an acrylic model paint will provide a quick fix to make your newly organized area more appealing.

Before painting the cable raceway, it is important to clean it with warm water and dish soap, which will remove any grease or dirt on the surface of the raceway before applying paint.

Step 3: Make An Eye-Catching Wall Art Out Of Your TV Wires

Organizing your cables with wall art is an interesting approach to dealing with a messy space. It keeps them suspended in mid-air, making them look like an abstract painting. You can use color-coded wires that wrap around the cords synthetically or anything else you feel like portraying. 

Before mounting the cords directly to the wall, you should draw out your design on the surface. You must also note how long each cord is. To mount it directly to the wall requires either wall clips or mounting tape.

Step 4: Decorative Trim Can Be Used To Conceal TV Wires:

To do this, you would create a channel between two planks of wood and cover it with another stick. You should then start creating channels horizontally and vertically on the wall you have just created. Make sure to see if the wire needs to be longer than originally estimated. 

As much as possible, try designing on paper first versus trying to add things up all of a sudden. Also, make sure to paint your framing any color (preferably white) that catches your eye.

Step 5: Cables And Cords With Camouflage Patterns:

Don’t tie up your cables with binder clamps and masking tape. Here’s a better way to gain control of a messy situation: make your cords look like something else.

All you need is creativity, imagination, and items from around your home or workplace.

 It is similar to the previous trick of turning wires into art. But this time, you’re going to hide your cables using practically whatever you can get a hold of.

You have to come up with a way to conceal them. So that they will be almost invisible to anyone who does not know where they are.

Step 6: You Can Conceal TV Cords Behind Other Objects:

It is the easiest trick you can use to hide those pesky wires. For this, you need a few catchy items that go well together with the rest of your home decor.

Try to get something that will look natural when placed there. For example, you can put some decorative plants, a shelf filled with motivational books, or pictures of your favorite movie stars in different frames.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Hide The Cords Of My Wall-Mounted TV?

If you cut two holes into the wall, you can guide the wires or cables through the wall to their destinations. First, drill a hole through the wall from outside your room into an electrical mount.

So, you don’t have messy cords running across your wall in plain sight!

Could You Hide TV Wires In A Wall? Is It Safe?

Several states restrict the drilling of holes into walls unless properly vented. One code-compliant solution is installing a low-voltage system that uses hidden wires behind the wall. The package includes an electric wire hole saw, so you can safely drill holes on your own.

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Final Words

As seen here, choosing how to hide tv wires over fireplace without cutting wall can be a challenging choice. However, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution, it would be wise to consider covering them without damaging walls.

Therefore, I hope you have successfully and effectively hidden your TV wires without cutting the wall. If you’re still unclear about what to do or need more information, don’t hesitate to let me know! You can just leave us a comment. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a good day!

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