How To Hide Wires For Wall Mounted Tv Over Fireplace? | Best Methods

Are you here looking for how to hide wires for wall mounted TV over fireplace? There is no worse enemy to an attractive living room than a set of unsightly cables. We all know the feeling of coming home to discover the same ugly cables. Which ruined your beautiful and well- searched cozy space on TV have now crawled into your household as a whole. 

Suppose you’re looking for some creative and sophisticated ideas to both hide wires for wall-mounted TV over a fireplace. And hide those unsightly cords behind your TV; look no further. As I have tried to address these things in an easy way for you to understand in this article.!


Therefore, check out this article to take the frustration out of unsightly wires with tips and tricks on how to hide wires for wall mounted TV over fireplace.

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How To Hide Wires For Wall Mounted Tv Over Fireplace?

There are many options available to you, but I’d like to walk you through some of the most popular ones. And give you suggestions on how you can hide the wires in your home.

Build A Raceway With The Same Color As The Wall:

When it comes to organizing cables and wires, Raceway is the way to go. They come in clear coat or paintable models so you can easily take care of them. You simply glue them onto the wall.


However, re-painting can be a hassle, so why not keep your Raceway in place by painting it yourself? Choose from the numerous colors available for acrylic model paints. To make your new organization area more appealing and eye-catching.

Remember that it is important to clean the surface with warm water and dish soap before painting the cable raceway. It will remove any grease or dirt on the surface before applying paint. The surface must be rock-solid and clean for the paint to stick. Otherwise, it may flake off in short order!

Use Your TV Wires To Create Stunning Wall Art:

If you’re sick of the mess cables make both inside and outside your home or workspace, this piece of wall art is a great idea for hiding them away in a pretty, decorative way.


It’s quite eye-catching, but it also ensures that your cables aren’t lying on your floor where they can get all tangled up! You simply thread the cords through holes in the wooden board until you’ve reached the length you want, then tie loose ends together with a colored tape of your choice.

Before mounting the cords directly to the wall, you should draw out your design. You must also note how long each cord is and how far away from the wall each cord should be to not cause tripping hazards for people who will be walking by them.

The best way to do this is either with wall clips or mounting tape that has a low-adhesive backing to stick strongly onto surfaces without causing any damage when removed.

Disguise The Wires With Objects:

Hiding cable wires is typically a challenge, no matter how furnished your living room might be. You can make this easier by using decorative objects like books, lampshades, and decor, which would help to complement the look of your living room. 

However, this idea requires a bit of strategy for the colors you choose for these decorative items. Because you don’t want to pick something that sticks out and does not fit in with the overall theme of what you’re trying to accomplish.

 Beyond making sure colors look proper together. Arranging the cables properly is also important if you want them to be invisible. If they get tangled up with one another during setup, it leads to faulty connections, seriously distracting from your goals.

Conceal TV Wires With Decorative Trim:

You would create channels between 2 planks and cover one in strips of wood about 1-2 inches apart to build this. And paint it the color of your choice. You can then make all kinds of different sized and shaped slots into this frame (either horizontally or vertically).

Make sure that, when you’re making the wire channels, you calculate how long it will take as well as how many channels you’ll need.

To complete them all when they’re added together. As much as possible, try designing on paper first before adding any extra bits on the fly.

Hide The Wires With A Cable Management Box:

Hiding wires can be easy, or it can be incredibly challenging depending on the circumstances. It is often best to start with a universal solution that works in most circumstances when hiding cords and cables.

For example, if you want to conceal wires near the fireplace, purchasing something like a wire box is a great idea.

Because these boxes are thoughtfully designed for this very purpose, coming with many different varieties of sizes to accommodate more specific needs!

One reason cable management box is convenient is that they ensure all of your cords are hidden away. Without the time hassle of having to tuck them into tiny little holes drilled into your wall.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Hide The Cords On My Wall-Mounted TV?

If you have 2 holes in your wall, you could guide the wires or cables through to their destinations. First, drill a hole from outside your room into an electrical mount.

Then, use the length of plastic tubing and put it over the cable or wire cord coming in. This prevents any snags, along with keeping the wire or cable inside your wall hidden from plain sight!

Is It Possible To Hide TV Wires Inside A Wall Safely?

When installing an electrical device, one must consider if there are any utilities buried in the walls of your house. If there are, you’ll need a low voltage system to be installed properly.

This package includes: a wire hole saw to drill holes for the wires and a 4-inch dryer vent exhaust pipe with clamps required for wall installation. 

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Wrapping It Up:

When you’re considering a new way to hide your television wires around the house, many options are available. However, the decision becomes challenging when it comes to aesthetics and a solution. That fits your style and philosophy on re-purposing or up-cycling. 

However, after going through this article, I hope you have successfully hidden your messy cables and got your answer for how to hide wires for wall-mounted TV over the fireplace?

If you’re finding that you need more information, feel free to reach out! I’d be more than happy to help and am here anytime to answer any questions.

Have a good day!

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