How To Hide Cable Box When Mounting A Tv On The Wall?

You probably have installed your Tv on the wall, and now, it could be a frustrating situation for you as you don’t know where to hide that box with wires. Yes, it could be problematic if you don’t know how to hide cable box when mounting a tv on the wall. Because it leads you towards having a mess of wires just in front of your stylish tv.

Whenever somebody visits your home, go to the living room and look at wires around it, considering that you don’t know how to manage things like these.


But I won’t let you down until I am here to help you and guide you.

Therefore, stop worrying and leave the panic away. Start your day with me while reading this post, and I will guide you on how to hide cable box when mounting a tv on the wall in different ways. Let’s get started!

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Is It Possible To Hide Your Cable Box While Mounting A TV?

Before you actually learn where and how to hide the tv box you have with your Tv, you should learn whether it is possible to do something like that or not. Because without the possibility of a thing happening, you cannot make it happen.


Therefore, my answer is Yes. You can hide that TV box of yours wherever you want, and there is nothing wrong with it.

There are multiple places inside your home where the box will find its comfort, and it will be the most desired place for it. Away from the people’s eyes, protected, safe, and secured.

Different Places Where You Can Hide The Cable Box:

Suppose your Tv doesn’t come with wireless technology. In that case, you shouldn’t be worried about the plethora of wires you would be connecting with it. It is important to have wires connected with your tv to make it work accordingly.


Otherwise, there will be no current, no cable connectivity, and no screen will be playing on the display just in front of you. But hiding those wires is crucial to save space and make your Tv place look more decent, beautiful, and the way you want.

Therefore, I have enlisted some easiest ways to help you hide your cable box whenever you mount your Tv. These are described as follows:

Hide The Cable Box Inside The Wall Mounted Shelves:

The first best idea to hide your cable tv box is to use the wall-mounted shelves that would be mounted around your TV.

You can usually find these shelves beneath the TV. They can be used to accommodate multiple devices in them with various arrangements.

However, these also come with some pros and cons you would like to read or know about!

It is the simplest solution to hide your TV cable box. Because it is easy to set up and doesn’t ask you for complicated installation.

You will find optimal remote communication with these shelves to help you use everything with ease.

The humidity could be dangerous. So, you must be sure to confirm that the shelves are making a constant flow of air. It will keep those wires safe from getting an electric shock. And this is very important to consider.

Hide The Cable Box Behind Your Tv:

The best place I could suggest you hide the cable box of wires is that it cannot be anything else or anywhere else except to hide it behind the TV.

It doesn’t matter what type of TV you currently have and in what way it is mounted on the wall.

It also doesn’t matter the size of your cable and the number of other devices you currently have. You can easily go with hanging and hiding the box of cable behind your TV.

Depending on the approach you would love to reach, you could make it simple or look aesthetic.

It is your choice, and you can easily go with it. It will include using the hanging strips or any type of cable ties that you can install against the wall. And then you can hang the cable box over these.

But there is a problem with as many TVs that are heavier in size and weight do not usually offer such a facility for hiding the cable box. Moreover, you will also have to confirm whether the remote works perfectly or not.

And if it doesn’t, you would consider buying an infrared extender to make sure that the signal must not be interrupted at all.

What About Hiding The Cable Box In Another Room?

You were thinking of hiding that cable box of yours behind your Tv. But what if you change your decision and entirely place the cable box in another room.

That would be something you would love to do because it entirely makes your cable box disappear. However, it totally depends on how your house is built and how you manage other devices.

But just if you find such an opportunity to hide your tv in another room, just go for it. It must be necessary to keep in mind that even if you have hidden your Tv in another room, your tv must be getting what it needs to work.

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Wrapping It Up:

Hiding your box full of different cables while mounting your tv is not a big problem or anything conceptual to consider. You can do it easily if you are a person with managerial skills. It’s your home, and you better know how to make it look decent. So, you can always do it without any problems. Hence, at this end, I can be hopeful and sure that you know how to hide cable box when mounting a tv on the wall. And I make sure that there is no ambiguity that might disturb you know. But if you still have doubts to clear, you can clear. Use the comment box for it.

Please keep reading and visiting for more latest queries about Tv and its life hacks. Take care and have a nice day!

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