How To Hang A Soundbar On The Wall Without Screws? | Solved!

Getting how to hang a soundbar on the wall without screws makes you wonder what’s possible when it comes to speaker placement in your home. Even though people find decorating their bedroom, living room, or kitchen difficult, an audio enthusiast can make these common rooms stand out by using colors effectively, often using numerous accents items. 

Therefore, it is important as an enthusiast that you have confidence in how you display your soundbar because that’s what will set you apart from anyone else who doesn’t dedicate enough time and energy to creating a truly beautiful space around them.      


So, if you have no screws, you don’t need to be worried at all. I will provide you with the best ways how to hang a soundbar on the wall without screws. Just stay with me till the end, and you will surely get your query resolved. 

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How To Hang A Soundbar On The Wall Without Screws?

Mounting speakers to a wall doesn’t require drilling. Therefore, try using Alien Tape or Command Hooks to put up lightweight-midweight speakers. For heavier speakers, consider picture hooks instead for added strength when holding your soundbar equipment.

So, to keep the puck on your wallet light, try these drill-free methods for light to medium-weight speakers.


Method 1: How To Hang A Soundbar On The Wall Using Command Hooks?

The 3M Command Hooks are without doubt the best option for mounting soundbar around your home. They can be put up in just seconds with no mess, and they’re easy to take off, leaving little or nothing behind too!

The 3M Command Hooks come in six strips per pack, and you can choose from a variety of colors, so it’s a good idea to keep several packs on hand at all times! 

Unfortunately, the adhesive on these hooks isn’t very strong compared to some other similar products out there.


Still, fortunately, the 3M Command Hook works very well even when stuck only halfway into the wall, making it an ideal solution to those who don’t want holes in their walls but still need a stronghold for their important items!

However, when using Command hooks to hang soundbar to TV, it’s important to know that each hook can hold up to 7.5 pounds on the level of a flat surface and hang the TV soundbar with it, so you should only try this method if your speakers aren’t all that heavy. Otherwise, they may fall and get damaged.

Method 2: How To Hang A Soundbar On The Wall Using Alien Tape?

The second option we recommend when it comes to how to hang a soundbar on the wall without screws is called “Alien Tape.” This method is ideal for these scenarios. The hold can last long, usually years at a time. Many features make this product stand out among mounting ideas. 

One is its size flexibility – there’s no way possible you cannot find the perfect fit; they’re already cut to fit any size speakers in their range. Another great feature is their versatility- the strips will be right above your projector’s screen so that your speakers become virtually invisible once you place them (making it a great idea when it comes down to concealing unsightly wires).

Remember that Alien Tape adhesives will be most reliable on ceramic, wood, glass, and plastic surfaces. Deterioration of the adhesive may occur when taping a porous or covered surface like a bare brick. Wipe down your walls with rubbing alcohol to clean sweat and dirt off your surface before applying Alien Tape.

Method 3: How To Hang A Soundbar On The Wall Using Picture Hooks?

Instead of adhesives, some people use picture hooks to hang soundbars on TV. These fasteners come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Check the specifications before buying any such hardware to ensure it can hold more than your speaker system’s weight. In most cases, you won’t require a drill, a stud detector, or a wall bracket but only a hammer! 

For instance, a 120 Piece Professional Picture Hanger Kit has numerous different kinds of hangers that weigh 10-100 pounds.

While these picture-hanging hooks will indeed leave holes in the wall, you will wonder how small these holes are compared to the ones made by other methods like drilling into the wall studs with an electric power tool!

No doubt, picture hooks are very affordable for mounting heavier speakers. The back of these picture hangers will get into your wall, and the result will be sturdy and safe.

These picture hooks ($16 for a set of 120!) have a reasonable price and a great deal, considering they hold up speakers weighing as much as 40 lb. These plastic picture hooks will go securely into the wall, and it’s done.

Why Wall Mounting A Soundbar Is A Benefit?

The benefit of mounting a soundbar on the wall that is part of your living room TV ideas will get it out of the way. If you place soundbars on top of surfaces or leave them lying around, they can sometimes become sounding boards. Therefore, making them more prone to reflecting audio in the wrong direction and changing its composition.

Therefore, placing your soundbar on the wall will eliminate these problems. It ensures that it produces superior audio quality using advanced technology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Best Place To Put A Soundbar On A Wall Mounted TV?

The best place to put a soundbar is right below the TV. This way, the sound will be equal on both sides of your TV.

Is It Good To Hang The TV On The Wall?

Yes, The most popular method of installing a TV on a wall is likely to be the mounting process.

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Final Words:

I hope that I have resolved all of your concerns regarding how to hang a soundbar on the wall without screws? Therefore, no need to fret if your landlord doesn’t let you drill holes in the wall! There are many ways to mount your speakers without drilling a hole into the wall. Double-sided adhesive solutions such as Command Hooks or Alien Tape work well for small speakers. If you’re dealing with medium-sized speakers, picture hooks are typically sufficient.

By the way, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! I will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, make sure to check out some of the other articles.

Also, take care of yourself! Please feel free to stop by again soon. Thank you and all the best!

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