Should Your TV Overhang The Stand? | Yes Or No?

When setting up a TV on a stand, there are some questions that may arise. For instance, should your TV overhang the stand? When choosing a new television (or even upgrading an existing one), it is always important to think carefully about where you are going to be placing it.

Be sure and consider how far apart the center of your screen should be from any walls so that it doesn’t look awkward once it’s set up!


However, a TV stand should be stable before trying out this trick. If it seems loose, it probably is not safe to proceed with the scheme. Carefully evaluate your situation and then decide what would work best for you.

This article will take you through everything you need to consider before figuring out should your TV overhang the stand.

By following the steps described in this post, you’ll be able to figure out your query in no time at all. Let’s get started!


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Should Your TV Overhang The Stand?

The stand is able to hold only two inches of overhang on either side of the television. However, the recommended amount of space is not more than three inches.

In order to prevent tilting and potential damage that can be caused by an excessive degree of overhanging the TV.

Overhangs of a TV on a stand:

There are many factors that determine whether a TV should overhang the stand or not. Below is a summary of things to consider before seeing Should Your TV Overhang The Stand?


Step 1: Measure The Width Of The Television:

The best way to figure out what kind of TV stand to get is to measure the width of your television and then evaluate the amount of overhang you have.

If it seems like your television is balancing on something with too little space for it, then it might be necessary to find another solution instead.

If you want a stand that is the right size for your TV, you will need to know its diagonal measurement (the length of the TV).

A TV will be too big for a stand when it measures more than 10 inches beyond the stand’s dimensions. You don’t want your television to look odd or unstable; otherwise, it might tip over or fall easily.

So, make sure you know your screen’s diagonal length and width before you head out to shop for a stand.

Another factor is It also helps if your TV doesn’t clash in style with its stand. If they don’t look well together, they will look a little cheap and unappealing no matter how expensive or high-quality the product is.

Step 2: Check that the stand is stable: 

One critical task is to ensure that the TV stand you choose for your new television is stable enough to hold it once it’s fully assembled.

Because if you don’t test the stand’s stability before assembling your new television.

And placing it on top of it, there is a chance that the TV could wobble. This has happened more times than you might think, unfortunately!

It is common to overload different stands with too much weight, which renders them unstable.

But I don’t want that happening in your own home. So, test your stability of yours before getting to that point indeed!

The problem with many TV stands is that they tend to tip over when placed on top of the television.

Unlike the flat surfaces these furniture designs are designed to hold, one’s large screen does not offer as sturdy a foundation.

Users need to ensure that whichever television stand they choose is solid before placing their set on top of it.

What you don’t want is to start making adjustments after loading it with your televisions because then you might have sure footing issues and could potentially cause serious harm if something fails.

Step 3: The TV Should Be Centered: 

You should always make sure your TV is balanced on the table in the center. The reason why you’ll want to have a TV that is correctly centered on the table has to do with a TV falling over as soon as it’s bumped into.

Or someone was to put their weight down on one side of the stand. This is a risk you’re not going to want to take as we know how expensive TVs are. Nd/or how we all want them to last longer than they already do! 

To avoid having such an unforeseen event occur at some point.

Your TV must become stable again after having been shaken. Keeping it in the center cancels any possible risk of toppling over and causing damage.

To ensure your TV is centered perfectly, it is necessary to measure the distance between the wall and where you want the television to be.

Either a person or a measuring instrument should take two measurements.

First, ensure that the TV center lines up directly with the horizontal measurement. With where you want it to be placed on top of a stand bracket (the horizontal center).

The second measurement should take place vertically and again should help determine precisely how far away from the wall you need to put your television (the vertical center).

Once these measurements have been recorded, it’s important to mark this spot. So that you can use it as a guide for mounting your television.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Deep Should A TV Stand Be?

It depends on the size of your television. As a general rule, the stand should be around 10-15cm longer than the TV screen.

For example, if your television is 32 inches wide, the stand should be at least 12-16 inches deep.

Can I Mount A TV Stand?

Yes, you can mount a TV stand if it comes with screws. In addition, if you need to mount it on the wall, you must find a stud. And if you can’t find a stud, you can use drywall anchors. That’s all!

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Final Words:

After reading this article, I hope that you now have a better understanding of Should Your TV Overhang The Stand? I do not recommend it, and we would advise against it. We think most viewers will appreciate the more excellent stability of the TV when it’s directly above a stable base. Versus if any instability were to occur from an attempt of overhang.

One last thing. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be sure to help answer them as best we can. Good luck!

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