How Wide Should A TV Stand Be For A 75 Inch TV? | What To Know!

Do you need to find out how wide should a TV stand be for a 75 inch TV? I am here to walk you through some of the most important things we need to consider when choosing a frame. It can be pretty challenging because there are many factors you need to take into account. Whether you’re looking for wall mounting solutions or deciding how best to place your new 75 inch TV on top of furniture. 

Although not only do dimensions and aesthetics play an essential role. But it’s also crucial not to make these decisions in haste. So to ensure that we get off on the right foot.


For example, let’s quickly break down what we need to know about when fitting a stand in line with wall mount installation.

In this article, I will explain some of my favorite home entertainment center tips and tricks. By the end of this article, you should be able to identify what these hacks are. And how you might logically apply them to fit your specific home theatre.

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How Wide Should A TV Stand Be For A 75 Inch TV?

When buying a flat-screen TV stand for your 75-inch TV, you might be tempted to buy a stand that is exactly 75 inches in width. I don’t advise that because it does not allow for much space on either side of the TV to place speakers or other items.


If you have a large enough budget, I suggest getting a wider than average flat-screen TV stand for your 75-inch TV. Because it will provide plenty of space and flexibility. 

Those 75-inch TVs are more comprehensive than most TVs, so stand for this size of the TV when buying a TV. It’s essential to ensure that the stand you buy has at least 70 inches of width.

One way to find the perfect size for your flat-screen TV is by looking up the diagonal screen size. This is what best fits in with most dimensions found online since they are typically measured diagonally. (75-inch = 70″.) If you wish to get exactly how wide your 75 inch TV stand should be, use a measuring tape!


When Installing A TV Stand, Does The TV Size Matter?

Of course, the size of your television can significantly impact your viewing experience. You measure a TV screen by taking the diagonal measurement across the screen.

So, the width is a bit smaller even though it’s officially recorded as 75 inches, for example. Therefore, you have to consider the TV’s “bezel” (the border around the edges).

And make sure its size doesn’t cause problems with placing it in an area where there isn’t enough room on all sides. Thus, making sure enough space exists where necessary.

 For example, you wouldn’t want to set up a 75-inch TV if that meant obstructing an entire doorway or narrowing down a walkway!

The diagonal measurement across a TV is how one calculates the number of inches a television has. Due to their rectangular shape, “75-inch” televisions measure 32 inches from corner to corner on each of their four sides (13 x 4 = rectangle).

So, this means that “75 inches” TVs are not quite that wide. So it’s about 66 inches in total width.

When Installing A TV Stand, Does The Room Size Matter?

Please take a look at both the size of the TV and your room before you buy a stand for it. Be sure to consider how large the television will be in addition to what kind of space you’ll have for it when you look at relevant designs.

If you have lots of room available, a more prominent standing can fit perfectly with your living room or main entertaining area. At the same time, something smaller may work best with the bedroom or another niche area. 

What Is The Ideal Height To Mount A 75-inch Television?

The height of the television you install depends on the size of the television. TVs come in all different sizes. For example, if yours is at least 75 inches in length, mount it roughly 23.6 inches off the floor to the bottom of your TV.

This would be anchor bolts into wall studs 16” or 24” o.c.(on center). If you want to figure out how high it should be according to how far away you plan to sit from it. Then plug these two numbers into a calculator: 

The recline angle will usually range between 10 and 20 degrees when laying back while watching TV. Then multiply that number by 2, 2 times your viewing distance from the television (in inches).

Add this number to your eye level to get an idea of how precisely high you should mount your TV so that you enjoy everything on-screen and are not straining too much.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Space Should Surround A Television?

Televisions should be mounted at eye level, typically over a fireplace or on a movable bracket hung from your ceiling. Leave 1.5 to 3.5 inches of space between the TV and wall (1 inch is best).

And make sure you leave at least 2 inches between your TV set. And any furniture or objects that might block the airflow.

Do 75-Inch TVs Measure 75 Inches Wide?

A 75-inch TV is not 75 inches in width. It would be true to say that the TV’s actual width will not be as comprehensive as 75 inches. You can estimate the width if you intend to measure your 75-inch screen but don’t have a measuring tape.

By visually assessing how much smaller it will appear compared to your view. When standing 2 meters away from the screen.

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Final Words:

The simple and easy-to-remember steps mentioned in this article will ensure that you’re able to mount your 75 inches curved TV confidently and come to know How wide should a TV stand be for a 75 inch TV. After reading this guide, I hope you will learn how to choose a safe way to mount your TV.

It is something significant. So, I am ensuring everyone knows what they are doing if they are mounting their large screen television set at home safely and securely on the wall.

Let me know if you still have any questions by commenting below! Cheers!

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