How To Measure A TV Without A Tape Measure? | 3 Different Methods

If you are considering measuring the size of your tv and there is no tape you have for measuring it, you are most welcome to this post. Because today, inside this one, I am gonna teach you how to measure a tv without a tape measure. Sometimes, we do want to measure the exact size of our brand new TV. It is only possible when you have an easy way to do so. And use a measuring tape to complete that thing. There is no big deal because you can measure the tv size without having the tape.

Please find yourself comfortable learning how to measure a tv without a tape measure in this guide using a different method. It’s gonna be full of knowledge, love, and appreciation. So, don’t forget to keep up the pace!


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When Exactly You Go Measuring The Size Of Your Tv?

Before you step into something like this, you might want to know the possible reasons you need to measure the size of your tv. So, be here and know why there is an urge to measure the size of your tv. Let’s fall for all those reasons and make it possible for you!

  1. There could be a reason that you might wanna resale your tv. For this, you would like to enlist the proper size of your tv with the exact information you need. It happens when you are a starter.
  2. Second, you might want to measure the size of your tv if you are considering or planning something like a wall mount. For this, you would go for the wall mount system that is actually compatible with your particular TV set.
  3. You may also want to know the size of your tv when you are going to purchase a burgeoning item. It is available in the market for protecting your tv screens from all types of specks of dust, scratches, or even worse. These come in standard sizes. Therefore, you would like to measure the exact size of your tv before you hit the market for having one.
  4. The last and most important reason you measure the size of your tv is that you might want to move it from house to house. It will require you to measure the size of your set so that you can easily fix it in the new place without any hassles.

It doesn’t matter what type of desire you have got for this. I am here to provide you with the 3 easiest methods so that you can measure the size of your tv without using a measuring tape. Please keep reading to find out!

How To Measure A TV Without A Tape Measure

Measuring Your Tv From The Beginning:

It is not a complicated job to do when it comes to measuring your TV. Because all you need is a measuring tape and an exact guideline that could lead you towards measuring this.


Once you have that measuring tape in your hand, your job will be easier. Because you would have to start measuring the tv from the opposite corners of the tv.

In this case, you need to be sure that you only measure the screen itself and not include the bezels of the tv. Moreover, be sure that your tape measurement will not hurt or leave any scratch on your tv screen.

How To Measure A TV Without A Tape Measure

What If You Don’t Find The Tape For Measuring Your Tv?

Suppose you do not have the tape for any reason. What will you use then for measuring your tv? No problem because it is no big deal if you didn’t get the tape measure. You can still use any other easy tool for measuring this tv.


For this, consider using a rope, string, or heck, plus your shoelaces will also do the job. You can use this by just spanning the string across your tv diagonally and making sure that you mark the length by using a pen.

Now, go for laying the string flat on the floor. How much long your string will go will decide the length of your tv in this way.

Moreover, you can also find a ruler nearby because it is another useful tool for this thing.

However, placing this directly on the screen will not be appropriate. Because it could scuff or scratch the panel of your screen.

Measuring The Size Using Digital Method:

Suppose you didn’t get anything for physically measuring the size of your tv, and you still want to know the exact size of your tv.

Do not panic because all you need to make sure of is the exact model of your tv. And make sure the search engine is working on the fastest internet service.

Find the exact model and brand of your TV. You need to search for this information online. You will easily be able to find the exact size with the exact dimensions of your tv.

It will provide you with plenty of listings, including the manufacturer manuals and all the information regarding your TV, including everything.

Moreover, keep in mind that there is a paper manual that comes with your TV. It includes all the information related to your particular set.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, I hope that the article has helped you learn how to measure a tv without a tape. These are the easiest methods you can try to find the exact size even if there is no tape at all. You will not find yourself troubled at any point, and I can be sure that if you ever will, I will be here to sort that problem out for you.

Hence, thanks for reading and spending your time here. Come back sooner for more latest updates. Have a blessed day!

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