How To Hide Cable Box And Still Use Remote? | Technical Guide In 2022

Do you want to know how to hide cable box and still use remote? When we moved into our home, we wanted to make sure that special features were integrated into the place’s overall aesthetic, such as the TV and fireplace. One of the first things we decided to get a new mantle for our fireplace. But when dealing with old-style fireplaces, there is usually an issue about where you keep your cable box. Because most conventional mantles will conflict with its position.

Therefore, if you want to hide your cable box and still don’t know how to do so. Then you don’t need to be worried at all. There are many ways to do so.


So, stop being tired of seeing your cable box sitting out in the open. Just sit down and read this article to get the best ways how to hide cable box and still use remote. And how best one could go about tucking away their cable box from plain sight!

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How To Hide Cable Box And Still Use Remote?

In the quest to hide your cable box and keep things neat, we’ve put together these step-by-step instructions on how to hide a cable box and still use a remote?

  • Collect your tools.
  • Determine where on the wall your TV will mount. And how many cables you’ll need to hide or manage.
  • Line up your component mount with the mounts.
  • Insert your devices and hide cords
  • Connect and tidy excess wires now that they are out of sight below the mounted TV.

What’s The Best Way To Hide The Cable Box From A Wall-Mounted TV And Still Use The Remote?

To run a cable wire, cut a hole in the wall that stretches from behind your TV cabinet to where your new cable box will be placed. Attach the cable wire to a long, strong, and malleable object. This object would resemble a fish tape.


Now, when you have attached the fish tape, you place it into the wall. Then pull the fish tape back out of the wall (still holding onto the cable wire). Once you have removed the fish, attach your TV.

And devices using an appropriate connecting device such as HDMI cables or AV cables (etc.)

Is It Possible To Hide Your Cable Box Behind Your TV?

The HIDEit Uni-M Wall Mount has many flexible features that are sure to help you out in any tight corner situation. The two main features this product possesses that set it apart from all of the other options in its class is that it can be adjusted to fit a variety of devices.


Including cable boxes, satellite receivers, and security DVRs so your media items will never fall behind on the fashion trend train. When they get a brand-new makeover with the help of this innovative product.

Now you’ll have a fancy, sleek device mount that will be sure to impress family members. And guests alike because it’s such a unique piece of equipment!

What Are The Best Ways To Hide My Cable Box In A Closet?

Add a Viewer to VIDETIQ’s list of products that make your life easier! This extension cable allows you to extend the range of your TV remote control unit. So that you can control up to six different devices (such as a television, cable-box, a DVD player, an audio receiver, etc.) up to 23 feet away using one handy remote. It is ideal if the device is located behind closed doors or walls or hidden in a cabinet or closet. And its extra-long length means you have lots of flexibility over where exactly you place it.

Are Cable Boxes Capable Of Being Mounted Behind A TV?

Using a cable box behind a TV to hook up your cable connection is one of the best ways to not only avoid running cables partway down your walls or across your floors. But it’s also an effective way to conceal those cables and associated electronics.

Having the proper outlet location for your TV is essential before you start mounting things up against the wall or, in this case, up above as well. When choosing which spot to set aside for your cable outlet location, patch into an empty power outlet near.

Where you plan on hanging or placing a full-size flat screen will be needed, so make sure you’re accounting for that when making your decision. If you don’t happen to have an available power outlet behind that ideal place, therefore.

Then you can still work around this problem by using one of our many cord options for making connections with devices located at varying distances from the wall. Such as invisible HDMI cables!

On A Wall-Mounted TV, Where Do You Place The Cable Box?

Place the cable box on a shelf. You can keep the cable box and other components beneath your TV on a shelf, as well. Then placing all of these devices on top of some clever, space-saving shelving might be an idea to consider.

Not only will this allow for one place for all of the info about more about this device. But it will also make things much easier to operate with just one remote control closer to hand in relation.

To where you’re sitting and able to catch up with your favorite TV shows thoroughly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Ways To Mount A TV Without Showing Its Wires?

You can hide your cords by setting up an arrangement where you are cutting through both the sheetrock and the wall. Make a mark on the sheetrock, and then make a similar mark up on the side of the wall.

Take a drill put it through one of these holes at an angle. Once it’s halfway through, turn it, so you’re drilling into the other hole. And you should be able to go all the way through with relative effortlessness.

What Is The Best Way To Make My Cable Box Wireless?

Those who want to make their cable box wireless will need a wireless transmitter and cables. Such as an HDMI or coaxial for connecting the wireless transmitters to the TV located in a different room. 

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Wrapping It Up:

After going through this article, I hope you have realized that hiding your cable box and still being able to use the remote is not as tough as it seems. By simply following these instructions, how to hide cable box and still use remote should be a breeze!

If you would like any additional advice or information, please do not hesitate to contact me! Feel free to contact me as I would be happy to answer your questions. And help with anything that you may need.

Have a good day!

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