Where To Put Cable Box On Wall Mounted Tv? | Let’s Figure Out

Sometimes you finish mounting your tv on the wall. And you get a disturbing mess of wires in front of you. You don’t know exactly where to put that cable box consisting of too many cables at a time, and you are looking for a good solution for that. I can give you the good news that your problem has been solved. And you will completely know where to put cable box on wall mounted tv if you keep following this guide till the end.

That’s the easiest thing you can do without taking too many complications around you.


So, let’s give you some easiest and most demanding ways to teach you where to put cable box on wall mounted tv.

Without wasting time, come with me and let me make you aware of that!

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What Are The Best Recommended Places To Put The Cable Box On Wall Mounted Tv?

You should stop worrying about finding the suitable and best place to put your cable box. Because I have figured that out for you.


There are the easiest and most peaceful places inside your home. You can use these for putting the Tv cable box. If it is looking absurdist now, there will come a time when you will not find the cable box around your Tv.

Therefore, you must stick with me. And I am gonna show you the list of some easiest places where you can keep that cable box of yours.

  • Putting the cable box behind the Tv.
  • Putting the cable box in a cupboard.
  • What about using a media cabinet?

Method 1: Hide The Cable Box Behind Your Tv:

If it makes a place inside your heart and your mind allows it, there cannot be any best place for hiding your cable box. Except behind the TV.


It is the place that would suit such a small box of wires. And it will add lavishness to your design.

However, you can use different things, boxes, or mounting instruments to place the cable box behind the Tv.

You can use any obscure equipment to help you fix the cable box behind your tv. On the other hand, you can use any universal media device mounting bracket.

Because a universal media device mounting is specially designed to VESA mount. And provides the space to locate the cable box on the backside of your Tv.

You Can Use The Samsung One Connect Box:

If you are a Samsung lover and have a Samsung tv, you can use the Samsung one connect box for fixing your Tv cable box behind it. It is an additional input/output box that you can use for Q7 and up a range of Samsung smart TVs.

It is the best idea you can use if you have a thin cable. And you will not have to worry about the complex installations.

Method 2: Putting The Cable Box Inside The Cupboard:

Another place you can use for fitting or putting the cable box on your tv is the cupboard. In this case, you must have a cupboard around any side of your mounted tv.

It is because you will also have to access that box remotely. So, it must be nearby to your tv.

It could be a lot simplistic thing to do, but you would have to consider by depending on the size of the cables. Because these need to be fed through the holes that have been made.

So, you can use any cupboard near the tv and place your cable box in it. That would be the easiest thing you will be doing to hide that cable box of yours.

Method 3: What About Using A Media Cabinet?

Another option you can use to hide your TV’s cable box is the media center. You might have a couple of devices that cannot be connected without using any cable box, gaming console, or Blu-ray player. There is a need to understand the use of a media cabinet.

It is because if you have a TV hovering above the cabinet, it can actually look pretty cool. And this especially happens when you are able to hide the cables from the display.

You can do this by hiding those cables into the wall of that super clean finish.

It would look more impressive, unique, and stylish without adding a hovered of wires in front of your Tv.

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Wrapping It Up:

Successfully, these all methods would help you a lot in understanding and applying where to put cable box on wall mounted tv. There is no need to be worried about anything because it is just a cable box at the end of the day. You can hide it pretty easily at any place you find appropriate and suitable.

Moreover, there is nothing troublesome at finding places like behind the tv, in a cupboard, media center, in another room or more inside your house. It means your common sense will be needed here, and you will end up hiding the cable box at a good place.

However, if anything disturbs you and doesn’t make any sense, you can use the comment box and let me know. I hope that you found the article helpful. Thanks for reading, keep reading, and have a nice day!

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