Can You Put A Bigger Tv On A Smaller Mount? | Yes, Or NO!

Tv mounting has become a lot famous due to its multiple benefits. Many people are considering mounting their brand new TVs using such types of mounting brackets. However, sometimes when you have a small tv inside the home already mounted on the wall, you may not like it. And bring a new one with a bigger size and more weight. By any chance, if you missed the mounting brackets or mounting stand, you might be looking about can you put a bigger tv on a smaller mount? Because you only have your previously purchased one. Not a problem, dude. Since you are here, you are going to learn whatever it takes.

Therefore, please give your all attention to me and find the definite answer to the question: Can you put a bigger tv on a smaller mount? Let’s get started with the stuff we have here today.


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In How Many Sizes Wall Mount Comes?

Let’s give you a general idea of the sizes of different wall mounts and tell you exactly how many sizes they usually come. Well, depending on the sizes and weights of your tv sets, these vary with sizes and fittings.

Usually, standard wall mount options come in 16, 32, 42, 52, and 65 inches. It refers to the diagonal size of the TV.

When measuring the diagonal length, start from one corner to the other. And measure to the same point on the opposite side. If you have a curved TV, you’ll need to measure the extreme ends of the curve since the curve will distort the measurements at the midpoint of the curve.


Do You Have Any Mount Inside Your Home?

Ask yourself the same question before you are going to mount your tv, no matter the size wall mount.

Because if you will have a wall mount in your house, you would only be able to answer this question.

And if you will not have any of them, you either would place your tv in the entertainment center or go for buying. Or purchasing another wall mount, especially for that giant tv you have just got.


It is important to note that you should always have a wall mount pre-arranged. And brought to your room before you consider installing the tv on the wall.

When Do You Need To Put Your Bigger Tv On A Smaller Mount?

There will be certain situations and conditions making you do so for what you have come to this place and looking for an answer to the same question you have read.

Yes, that’s pretty fair. Because there could be a couple of situations or reasons to understand if you go mounting your bigger tv on the smaller mount and work better with that.

I have made a list of certain possibilities, and I can ensure that you will definitely find yourself in any of these. Therefore, please take a look.

  1. You either didn’t have purchased one or do not have the money to buy a separate wall mount for your bigger TV recently purchased.
  2. You have a smaller mount, and you want to use it for mounting purposes. So you think it would be a waste of money if you purchase another one.
  3. Moreover, you will consider installing your bigger tv on a smaller mount when due, for any reason, you couldn’t find a compatible tv mount. And you have to live with the previous one.

However, there could be more reasons for doing this. But since you have made yourself clear. You are good to go for considering the possibilities as to whether doing something like this is appropriate or not.

Can You Really Put A Bigger Tv On A Smaller Mount?

Suppose you only have a smaller mount and due, for any reason, you haven’t purchased a new and bigger one. What will you do if you have to install that bigger tv of yours on such a smaller mount?

Believe me. You won’t like your tv coming crashing down to the ground and damaging itself.

Therefore, make sure that your smaller mount meets the following conditions. And if it does, you are good to use this smaller mount for mounting your bigger tv.

However, if the smaller mount doesn’t meet any of them, you shouldn’t go throwing your newly brought tv on a smaller mount. Please take a look at what I am talking about here.

Make sure that even if you got a smaller mount, it should be durable enough to hold the more weight of your bigger tv.

Your smaller mount and the difference between the newly bought tv size shouldn’t be huge. Because if it will, you will not get what you want to achieve.

The rule of thumb is simple and quick. A 32 inches wall mount cannot be used for 80 inches tv. Doing something like this will be against the rule.

Therefore, always make sure that your smaller mount has the capacity. And the ability to support your new tv with more size and weight.

Will It Be Safe Putting A Large And Heavy Duty Tv On A Smaller Mount?

No, it will not be safe if you put your bigger tv on a smaller stand. Because there will always be chances for your laptop to come down to the ground.

You will definitely meet the consequences if the wall mount is not strong enough to hold or bear the weight.

Therefore, it is always important to have a wall mount that could easily hold the weight of your brand new tv.

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Final Thoughts:

Putting your bigger size tv on a smaller mount is appropriate if your small mount cannot bear or hold that weight. Therefore, it is always important to understand about can you put a bigger tv on a smaller mount if you want to do it anyway. Take the precautionary measures seriously and mount your tv safely. Because you may not get the same amount of money again to buy such a pleasant machine.

Hence, if you have found this article worth reading, please give your thoughts in the comment. Have a blessed day to you!

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