Can You Mount A Tv On A Shared Wall? | Things To Know!

If you are going to share your wall mount tv with your neighbor, you might be looking for the answer to the question about can you mount a tv on s shared wall? Well, that’s the query you might be looking for if you have come to this place. Your search is going to end here because today, you will learn whether it will be suitable to share your wall with your neighbors or not.

Therefore, let’s not waste time and start this conversation on can you mount a tv on a shared wall? Please take a look at what you are exactly looking for?


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What Is A Shared Wall?

Before you start reading this post, you should have a concept of what a shared wall is and how you refer to it while mounting your Tv. So, basically,

In short, a shared wall is a wall that is shared between two apartments employing a partition, with each apartment receiving a share of the space that is not covered by the partition.  

For example, you may share a living room wall with a neighbor. Still, you may have a partition that runs from floor to ceiling, which means that only a small partition sits above the living room wall.  


This small space above the partition is not considered a share of your apartment, so it is not counted as a wall.  As such, the amount of wall that your apartment shares with a neighbor should be counted as a share of your neighbor’s apartment.

Is It Allowed To Mount Your Tv On A Shared Wall With Your Neighbor?

It depends whether the other person agrees on letting you put or mount your tv on it. Because most of the time, you don’t get friendly neighbors. And they sometimes do not allow you to mount your tv on that wall that has been already shared.

The reason is that, when you will do something like that, it will create disturbance for them. And even the holes you create on your side for mounting the


A tv bracket to the wall may appear on their side as well. Plus, on their side, you may break some important stuff like paintings if they have placed them on the wall.

So, it is always crucial to take solid permission. And consider it a priority in doing so that you can use your side of the shared wall to mount your brand new tv.

If they allow it, it is gonna be your lucky day. And if they don’t, you will never bother asking them again. And the same case is with you. Like, if they refuse you to put your tv on the wall that has been shared between you both.

The next time they will ask to do the same, you will refuse it and be the bad guy. Yes, I am telling you this.

What To Consider When You Are Mounting Residential Wall Mounts:

Besides the sharing wall mount, you may face multiple issues if you are mounting your tv on a wall while living inside a condominium, townhome, or apartment.

You will find the issues related to such mounts just as described below.

Issue 1:

The thing is, most condos come with studs built in with the walls and are made of solid aluminum.

However, they might not be best in supporting the weight of your giant tv. Be careful while mounting your tv on the wall and the studs you are going to use should be solid enough to support your tv.

Issue 2:

It is important to note that most new LED TVs come with a couple of built-in speakers and loudspeakers.

For this, you need to save space and keep those bezels small while mounting them around your tv. The loudspeakers can be built around the tv, making them an easy placement for the rest of your life.

It will make it difficult to adjust the volume upping and downing. In this case, if you have applied and shared your tv while mounting it on the shared wall, you might be sharing a lot of sound with the neighbor.

Issue 3:

If you are mounting your tv on a wall using a very thin mount, you may find your tv tilting or longing towards the ground. Therefore, always use mounts that are built with heavy material and other stuff like that.

Issue 4:

Sometimes while mounting your tv on the wall, you may find the cables disturbed and not fixed. You may find it an issue because you will not be able to fix them easily on the screen.

However, you can fix this issue by using any type of accessory that will fix your wires and other stuff on the wall.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, if you have made yourself to this point, you have to know about can you mount a tv on a shared wall. It is pretty simple to do such a thing. Because all you need is the person’s permission with whom your wall is shared. On top of that, you must have skills for mounting your tv against such a wall.

And if you don’t have one but still have the permission to do that, you are good to consult a professional person. He will do the job for you.

Overall, thanks for spending time, reading, and giving your energy to be here for such a while. If you have queries, please let me know. Thanks for reading. Keep reading, and have a nice day!

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