How to Mount a TV on The Wall Without Holes? Best Ways

Have you bought a new TV? Want to Wall-mount your TV without holes? If you are eager to know how to mount a TV on the wall without holes, then here’s a list of ways to do so. In general, you should go with the stand that comes with your TV set. However, if you don’t want to use it, then you have other options to wall-mount it.

Most people consider mounting a TV to a wall by drilling holes so that they can install the mounting stand easily. However, some people don’t want to drill holes but still want their Television to mount at the desired height. Wall studs provide better safety and security to your television as they can handle the weight of your Television easily. 


If you are confused about how to mount a TV on the wall without holes then you should consider using a hybrid stand or strong adhesives. Stong adhesive is not good enough as it may drop your TV unit, you can’t rely on the strong adhesive. Let’s get on to the list of the best ways to mount a TV without holes.

How to Mount a TV on The Wall Without Holes?

Mounting a TV on a wall without drilling holes is not an easy task as it requires extra tools and equipment to make things done for you. Let’s see how to mount a TV without drilling holes! 

1. Strong Adhesives

Strong adhesives and glues are available in the market to stick things strongly. Consider using strong adhesives to stick your TV unit on the wall. This is the most reliable and easy way to mount a TV. 


Wall mounting a tv using strong adhesive is not recommended to all. You can use strong adhesive tapes or glues only if your TV unit is small and light in weight. If your TV unit is large, consider using a different way to wall mount a TV. 

2. Hybrid TV Stands 

Hybrid TV stands are a good option for those who don’t want to drill holes to mount a TV unit. Hybrid TV stands come with a separate mount to mount the TV unit to a stand directly. It does look like your TV is mounted on the wall but it is not. It uses a separate stand to hang the TV without using a mounting stand.

There are many other reasons why you should use a Hybrid TV Stand to mount your TV. The first benefit of using a hybrid stand is you need not drill holes in your wall. The second benefit is you will get extra shelves which you can use to place the remote control and stuffs like that. They also come with appropriate holes to hide cables and other connected wires behind the stand. 


Hybrid TV Stands don’t require drilling holes in your wall. Hybrid TV Stands come in different shapes and sizes. You can get a suitable Hybrid TV Stand as per the size of your Television unit. Make sure you measure the size of the TV first before you purchase it from the market. 

3. Hardwall Hangers

Hardwall Hangers are easy to install and can carry the weight of your TV easily. If you don’t want to spend on a hybrid tv stand, consider using hardware hangers to mount your TV on the wall without drilling holes. 

Hardwall hangers are brackets that clamp directly onto the brick wall. Hardwall hangers are easy to use. No need to call up a professional to install or wall-mount the tv using hardwall hangers. Once the clamps are locked in, they can carry up to 15 kgs of weight. Usually, the new generation TVs carry less than 10 kgs of weight. 

You can easily wall-mount a big 50-inch TV on the wall by using the Hardwall Hangers. Hardwall hangers are a versatile option for all users who want to wall-hang a big TV unit without holes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a rail instead of a hybrid stand to wall mount a TV? 

Yes, you can use a hook rail to wall mount a TV on a wall. A rail comes with a bracket that lets you wall-mount a TV unit easily to the wall without the need for drilling holes in the wall. A hook rail is also known as a mounting rail which is easily available in the market. 

Why should I wall-mount a TV? 

When you wall mount a TV, you will not require a TV Table to set up the Television. It saves you extra money which you are going to spend on buying a separate TV Table. You can also save a lot of space. It doesn’t require space to set up the TV. It is safer than placing the TV on a table or in a TV showcase. 

What are brick clamps? 

Brick clamps are nothing but clamps that are used to hang something on the wall without drilling holes. Brick clamps are ideal for lighter TV units. You can wall-mount or hang your TV on Brick Clamps easily. It is also one of the best wall options to mount a tv without holes. 

How to use strong adhesives for wall mounting a TV? 

The first thing you need to do is measure the TV unit and apply strong adhesives to the wall as per the measured size. Then you have to stick the TV unit by cleaning up its surface. 

What is a mounting plate? 

A mounting plate is also available for those who don’t want to drill holes to mount a TV. The mounting plate uses a rail to mount a TV directly on the Wall. They are fixed on anchors which don’t require you to drill holes in the wall. 

Our Takeaway! 

Hope you got the answer to your question about how to mount a TV on the wall without holes. These are the best ways or options available for you to wall-mount a TV unit of up to 55-inch and even bigger. If you have a bigger TV, then consider buying a hybrid stand as it gives your TV extra safety and security. Explore the above list and pick the one that suits your TV unit.

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