How to Mount TV on Brick Wall or Mortar?- Easy Guide

Hanging a TV on a brick wall looks stylish and gives your room a modern look. But, the actual task is to install it on a brick wall or mortar. There is no science on mounting a TV on a brick wall or mortar. You need to have enough skills and knowledge on how to mount TV on brick wall or mortar. Also, the right tools that you will need in the installation process.

Mounting a TV on a wall means you will save a good space for your small living room. Also, the TV will keep out of the reach of the kids especially.


Without further ado, let’s get straight to the approach.

Easy ways to mount a TV on a brick wall or Mortar

Are you looking for easy ways to mount or hang your TV screens on a brick wall or mortar? In this article, I have discussed simple ways of installing a TV on a Brick Wall.

You can install a TV on a brick wall with or without drilling. Most people choose to mount a TV on a brick wall to keep it safe from being damaged.

How to Mount TV on Brick Wall or Mortar

I will mention both methods of mounting a TV on a brick wall (with and without drilling).

Let us check them out!

Mounting without drilling

Some common ways of mounting a TV on a brick wall without drilling are as follows!


By using strong adhesives

Using a strong adhesive for installing a TV on a wall is considered as one of the easy ways; folks use adhesives so that the wall does not get damaged. 

Besides that, the adhesives can hold heavyweights effortlessly without exerting pressure on the wall.

If you are using this method, make sure that the adhesives are new and strong enough to hold the weight of a TV- Some special skills are required to hang a TV using adhesives as not everyone can do this.

By using Hardwall Hangers

 Another valuable method of installing a TV on a wall without using a drill is; using a Hardwall Hanger. 

Hardwall Hanger is pretty cheap yet, a practical way of installing a TV and is commonly available in the market. The Hardwall Hangers need to fix up on the wall, and then a TV hangs on them. 

While using this method to mount a TV on a brick wall, make sure that your fence is not ancient.

Hybrid TV stand

The hybrid TV stand is a transcendent option for those who do not want to hang or install a TV on the wall. The best thing about this method; it does not require drilling on a wall or damages. Hybrid TV stands are the best to mount a TV as this does not take much space.

A wide range of hybrid stands is available in the market; for those hunting for an aesthetically appealing look to old school style.

With Drilling

Mounting a TV using a drill machine is a reliable option if the drilling on your wall is not a problem. First, you need to mark the place exactly where you want to install your TV. 

After marking, you need to drill the holes and install the brackets or nails into them. You will need all the necessary tools with you, including a hammer, anchors, screws, tape measures, etc, to get this job done effortlessly.

Choose the right mount for your TV

Whether installing the TV on a brick wall or an ordinary cement wall, it is crucial to have the right mount for your TV. 

A TV mount plays an important role, from maintaining a reasonable distance to the wall to keeping your TV screen in its place. 

Mounting a TV screen on a wall is a safe idea as the kids can’t reach the TV, as it is high than their height reach.

There are different types of wall mounts available in the market with out-class features but, the actual task is to find the right one for installing your TV. 

Firstly, choose the mount according to the size of your TV screen. It helps keep the TV screen in a stable position. Check your TV size on how to find the right size of the TV mounts.

Dozens of TV mounts of several sizes are available in the marketplace; choose accordingly.

Besides that, check the weight of your TV and then choose the mount accordingly. The chosen TV mount for your TV must be strong enough to hold it. 

Also, there are both moving and non-moving mounts available out there. So, before visiting the marketplace to get the best TV mounts, be sure of your needs.

Wrapping Up!

Mounting a TV screen on a brick wall or mortar gives your area an appealing and modern look. Brick walls are again in fashion. People are choosing brick walls over concrete walls.

To sum up, how to mount TV on brick wall or mortar can be done by using any of the above methods, which suits your wall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to mount TV on brick wall or mortar?

To mount a TV firmly on a cement wall, you will require wedge or sleeve anchors. Lag bolts and lead anchors also do the job very well but, it does not give you a long-lasting result.

Which one is stronger, mortar or brick?

As compared to mortar, bricks are more potent and can hold heavyweights. Bricks have the strength to keep and bear the weight firmly for a longer time than mortars.

Is it safe to mount a TV on a brick wall?

Yes, it is safe to mount a TV on a brick wall. But, before mounting on a brick wall, check that the wall is not old and is strong enough to hold the TV.

Which is the best mount for a TV?

Echogear Full Motion TV wall mount is considered one of the best mounts for installing a TV. It is a dual-arm articulated TV mount that offers transcendent performance every time.

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