Cost To Mount TV On Stone Fireplace? | Let’s Figure It Out!

Are you going to mount your tv on a stone fireplace and look for the actual costs to do that? Panic, not if you are looking for the cost to mount tv on stone fireplace because I am here to cover this all up. Today, inside this guide, I am going to tell you all about mounting your tv on the stone fireplace. And provide you with all the necessary details on whether doing stuff like this is recommended.

So, be generous and wise in having your place in this post. Because at the end of the day, you would have known the actual cost to mount tv on stone fireplace. Let’s get this conversation started!


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Can You Mount Your Tv On Stone Fireplace?

Before you step into this article, you must be sure about the idea of whether you can go for mounting your tv on the stone fireplace or not.

Even listening or having an idea of getting your tv on the stone fireplace leads you towards thinking about something dangerous.

Most people do not recommend having your brand new tv mounted over a stone fireplace because there are many disadvantages. I have enlisted some of the most prominent ones below. Please have a look!

  1. First, the edges of the stone fireplace are usually covered with plaster, which means the TV will be floating in the air, which will reduce its stability.
  2. Second, even if you manage to mount the TV on the stone fireplace, it might not look good. When you mount the TV on the stone fireplace, you will have to leave a gap between the TV and the fireplace. Because the wall itself is not strong enough to bear the TV’s weight.
  3. And you can only mount the TV in a living room or a room that gets direct sunlight. So, you cannot mount it on the stone fireplace, which doesn’t get direct sunlight.

Despite these reasons, you can have a mount to place your tv on the fireplace, and it is totally something possible plus done by a professional.

Cost To Mount TV On Stone Fireplace

Is It Safe To Mount Your Tv On Stone Fireplace?

Yes, it is safe to mount your television onto a stone fireplace. As long as the fireplace is sturdy and not made of wood, you can mount your television onto it.

And as far as the safety of your TV, do not worry. Mounting a TV on top of a stone fireplace should not affect it, even though the fireplace may be at a slightly elevated position.


As long as you have a sturdy mount, your TV should be safe. However, if you’re trying to mount a television on top of an electric fireplace, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The heat from the fireplace would potentially damage your electronics.

Does Mounting Tv On Fireplace Cost You Something?

Yes, obviously, when it comes to installing your tv on the wall. Or a place like a stone fireplace, it is something you would like to be done by a professional person.

For that, you would require tools and other stuff for completing this type of mount. Moreover, that professional person will have a certain labor cost that he will charge.

And I would recommend you go for a technician who knows all the does and don’ts of installing or mounting the tv over the stone fireplace.

Because he will do everything in his will to keep your stuff safe and guarded even at such a dangerous place over the fire.

How Much Does It Cost To Mount A Tv On Stone Fireplace?

Now, let’s look at the actual costs of mounting your tv over the stone fireplace. That’s something possible and easy to do.

Because it comes different in all aspects and according to the person’s will, you will hire to complete this job.

However, to have a general idea, mounting your tv over the stone fireplace might charge you between 180 to 400 USDs and even more when you need a mantle to create some safety barriers.

However, in most cases, the cost may vary depending on the location of the wall where you wanna put it.

If the location is a little difficult to access and mounting requires extra care, it is gonna cost you more.

Moreover, the difficulty of providing the necessary wiring would also increase this way.

Therefore, it is up to you to have a spot or place where the tv must be visible from many places. It should be in a comfortable hire to make you access the tv easily.

Cost To Mount TV On Stone Fireplace

Are There Any Additional Costs To Hide Wires While Mounting A Tv?

Yes, when the wiring gets complicated and when it doesn’t stay easier for you to give your tv the needed electricity, you need to make sure that you have a little extra money.

Because with this money, you can solve your problem of wiring. Therefore, it is always important to note that wiring also costs you at some points.

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Wrapping It Up:

Finding cost to mount tv on stone fireplace is not a difficult job because it will be all based on the behavior and skills of the person you will hire to do this job. Moreover, it will depend on how that other person charges you. But you must have a general idea of these costs and make sure that you should also fall in the same circle. However, you can have more assistance when using the comment box and let me know.

Thanks for spending time and reading. Have a blessed day!

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