How To Build A Recessed TV Wall? | Let’s Build It!

TVs are getting more compact, and eventually, they are made in such a way so that they can hold less space but still look beautiful. But how is this possible actually? The thing is, people, try to have different modes of installation for their TVs, including the wall mount, entertainment center, or tv stand, or they consider having a recessed tv wall. In all these, one thing in common: having your tv at your desired place so that it should look impressive. In this case, I have written this guide for you where I would like to teach you how to build a recessed tv wall through some easiest steps.

Please be here and keep reading this post till the end. Because if you do so, you will have the whole process from head to the tale of how to build a recessed tv wall. Let’s get started!


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Can You Build A Recessed Tv Wall On Your Own?

If you are guided enough and have all the knowledge of carpentering, you can definitely build your own recessed wall tv. Things get complicated when you don’t know how to use the tools exactly.

Moreover, sometimes, you need a help of an expert who might do the job for you. So, make sure that you have made up your mind to do this. And I will guide you through every necessary step to make sure that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Step By Step Process To Build A Recessed Tv Wall:

At this point, I am about to teach you how you can build your recessed tv wall from scratch and make things possible for you anyway.


This process includes gathering the required tools to have the ready-made recessed tv wall. Please take a look at what you will be having here.

Gather The Required Essentials:

Suppose you are into this process and want to complete it anyway. In that case, you should make sure that you have the following things already available. In this case, the materials and tools you require are given as follows.

How To Build A Recessed TV Wall
  1. Make sure to have a level available.
  2. There should be a measuring tape as well.
  3. Be sure to have a pencil for marking.
  4. Also, get a circular saw for cutting.
  5. There must also be a reciprocal saw.
  6. Get a hammer as well.
  7. Having a Pneumatic nail gun would also be good.
  8. Get a drill with a spade bit and an extender as well.
  9. Also, you should have the ¾ inch birch plywood.
  10. The molding will also be required.
  11. Consider having the black paint.
  12. A gallon of primer will also be needed.
  13. Consider having a gallon of Ace Sensations Paint Color.
  14. Black paint will also be required in one-gallon quantity.
  15. Carpenter’s glue.
  16. Get some masks as well
  17. And don’t forget to have the safety goggles for the safety of your eyes.

Step 1: Take The Needed Measurements:

In this step, you should have an initial idea of the dimensions of your tv, including the length, width, and depth of the television.


Once this is measured, you need to cut an inspection hole.Aand it must be in the wall to ensure that there must be zero hidden pipes or wires.

Once, you get the idea that it is totally safe, you can go for creating a rough opening so that you can make your recessed television space.

At this step, you must also consult with an electrician so that he can re-route any electricity to the space and run the wiring to that rough opening for easy accessibility.

Step 2: Use The Measuring Tape And Level:

In this step, you would take the help of the measuring tape and the level. Use this equipment and mark the measurements on the wall using a pencil you have already gathered.

Now, once this is done, you need a reciprocal saw to cut out the rough opening for the recessed tv home.

When you have done that, you need to pull out the drywall so that a rough opening must be created in this way. You can also use the hammer to break it into pieces if you think that is necessary!

Step 3: Using The Plywood:

It is time for you to use the birch plywood. And make a box that will slip into that rough opening of the house you have just created.

After that, you need to use the glue at the edges to hold the pieces. You can also nail them for solidity and rigid support.

Now, use the paint to paint the box’s interior black and blend the television into the space. Plus, hide the wiring as well.

Step 4: Drilling Holes:

You have got your spade bit and extender. Now is the time to use them. So, use these and make sure to drill holes down through the boxes for running cords for the television as well as components.

When you have that box inside the desired place, you would like to run and install all the required wiring.

Also, use the nails to fix the box into that space for the endless support.

Step 5: Applying The Necessary Glue:

Now, use the glue and nails to apply them to the molding trim around the birch plywood, and then use the paint to paint it.

Also, you may find some touch-ups to the molding. You can also use painter’s tape for masking off the recess.

Step 6: Complete The Installation:

In this step, you are finally in the position to install your tv and all other components, including sounds and others. So, do it and go for it without any problems.

How To Build A Recessed TV Wall

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, I hope that your complications on how to build a recessed tv wall have been figured out if you have followed this article till this end. Just follow the steps exactly in the same order these are given to you and make sure that you can easily achieve what you are ought to. However, please use the comment below and let me know if you get stuck on something.

Besides that, all pleasures are mine that you have spent your time giving this article a worth. Have a blissful day!

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