How To Use LG TV Without Remote No Wi-Fi? | Let’s Fix This!

Are you here to do something unique and looking for a good procedure that could guide you on how to use LG tv without remote no Wi-Fi? Well, most welcome that because you will find the solution you desire to look for here. There is no big deal because connecting your LG tv to Wi-Fi even without having the remote is not that complicated. In this way, you will have to spend a little quality time with me so that you can learn from what you have making these efforts.

Therefore, please stay and stay comfortable while reading this comprehensive guide. Because if you do, you will learn how to use LG tv without Remote no Wi-Fi. Let’s get started!


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Can You Use The LG Tv Without A Remote And Wi-Fi?

Before you step inside, be sure whether you can use your smart LG tv without having the remote and Wi-Fi.

Well, yes, you can do so because LG tv also gives you mounted buttons on any side of its screen.

These perform the same functions as your remote does.


However, you may not find all the functions there. Because it becomes a little complicated to assign all your tv features on buttons.

Therefore, it is better to use either remote or Wi-Fi connectivity through a third-party system to run your tv on demand.

How Can I Connect My Lg Tv To Wi-Fi Without The Remote?

If you are to connect your LG tv to the Wi-Fi without having the remote, you must know that this is possible only when there is a remote.


Because with remote operating your tv becomes easier and quicker. However, what if you didn’t get the remote then how would you be able to cooperate with this thing?

It is possible when you can also use your LAN by using a cable to connect it with a smartphone app to control your tv. Moreover, this can also become possible when you connect the keyboard or a mouse.

Therefore, you can get to the start menu using the Windows key. Don’t worry because your LG tv provides you with enough connectivity options.

Different Ways For Using Your LG Tv Without Having A Remote And Even Wi-Fi:

Below, I have described some easiest methods that would help you learn how to connect your LG Tv.

And use it without having the remote and Wi-Fi. Therefore, please take a look at these methods that would guide you through all this.

Connecting Your Tv To The Wi-Fi Without Using The Remote:

In order to make sure that your Tv is connected to the Wi-Fi without having a remote, you would need another hardware device.

It usually comes as a USB Mouse. Once you get this remote, you would need to plug this mouse into the USB port of your LG Smart Tv.

There will be this type of port rightly beneath the LOGO. And you will have to toggle it to input it into the tv.

After that, you can connect your LG tv to the Wi-Fi by using this remote connectivity.

How To Use LG TV Without Remote No Wi-Fi

Using Your Smartphone As A Remote When There Is No Remote:

In this step, you can use your Smartphone as your remote for the tv. Because it is simple and easy to do so.

The thing is, if you have successfully logged into your Wi-Fi network by using mouse connectivity, finding or connecting the Smartphone as a remote will not be difficult at all.

In case you want to use your Smartphone as your remote for the tv, you must be sure to have your TV. And Smartphone connected with the Wi-Fi.

Because if both are connected with different Wi-Fi setups, you will not be able to make this thing happen.

Now, once the Smartphone has connected to your Tv, you need to proceed a little further and do the thing I am gonna tell you.

Just download the Smartify-Lg Tv Remote on the Apple App store or Your Android Mobile phone from Google Play Store.

It would be easy to find and use for accessing your tv.

Once you have made sure that the app is installed correctly on your device, your time begins to install and open this app immediately.

You will find a pop-up saying that your Smartify would like to find. And connect all the devices on your local network.

After that, click on the OK button.

Now, your Smartphone will be connected to your tv. And then you can use this app to change all of your Tv channels.

You can have the volume control options and other features available on your official tv remote.

How To Use LG TV Without Remote No Wi-Fi

Find The Original Remote Of Your Tv:

However, your only reason for looking for stuff like this to do with your tv is. Because your original tv remote is no more.

That’s the reason I can accept, and I know that you can solve this problem by having another one.

You need to spend some bucks and get a brand new tv remote for your LG smart tv compatible with the same model as you have the one now.

And you will be happy to have it for accessing all the stuff on your tv. It would be great if you don’t wanna indulge yourself with other stuff.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, if you have read this post till this end, you probably have known how to use LG Tv Without remote no Wi-Fi. The steps or the methods I have described above would all be applicable and bring you to ease if you don’t find the original remote at all. Be there and make sure that you can always use the LG tv you have.

Hence, it’s been a pleasure that you have read it fully. Don’t forget to share it with others. Have a blessed Day!

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