How To Remove Tv From Wall Mount Pull String? | Follow Easy Guide!

Have you mounted your tv with a wall mount pull string and don’t know how to remove tv from wall mount pull string? Because if you do so, you have come to the right place. Today, inside this guide, I will teach you how you can easily remove that wall-mounted tv and learn to perform this hack on your own. That’s for sure that you will have to learn because there are different types of Tv mounts out there. And when you have the pull string wall mount, it is time for you to work on the things.

Please go ahead and start looking for how to remove tv from wall mount pull string. You will thank me later because you will have learned it completely. Let’s get started!


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What Is Pull String Wall Mount System?

Before you start, you must know what a pull string wall mount method is and how it works for your tv? So, in this regard, understanding the pull string system matters a lot. There is nothing you cannot understand about such a unique system.

Mounting a TV to a pull string can be a fun and easy project! It’s perfect for anyone who suffers from back problems or just doesn’t like having to bend over or crouch down whenever they want to watch television.

The good news is that it’s not much different than mounting a TV to a wall or a stand. The main difference is that you’ll need to ensure that a pull string is part of the mount.

remove tv from wall mount pull string

Can You Mount Tv On A Pull String?

Now, ask yourself the same question can you mount a tv on a pull string or not? Well, asking something like that matters is you can try a couple of things for mounting such a tv on a pull string with the wall.

Below, you will find the procedure to guide you in mounting your tv on the wall with pull strings.

The TV will usually have holes or a slot somewhere on the back to put the string through. It’s easiest to use a string that’s about 1.5 times the height of the (VESA) hole pattern on the back of your TV.


With this in mind, you should be able to find a string at most hardware or craft stores. Once you’ve picked up your string, you can find your studs in two ways.

The first is to use a stud finder, and the second is to use a hammer and tap along the wall to see if you hear a hollow sound.

Once you’ve found your first stud, you can mount your wall mount bracket to the wall. Your next step will be to find your second stud and mount your TV.

The rest of the process is exactly the same as the traditional mounting of a TV to a wall.

Is It Safe To Mount TV On A Pull String?

Mounting a television on a wall is not as simple as you may think! Yes, it requires a steady hand, some basic tools, and one or two hours, but that’s all.

I’ve also seen some of you mount your TV on a pull string. It is a great idea for those places where you do not have enough space for mounting screws.

But, there are a few important things that you must know before mounting the TV on a pull string. If your television is quite heavy, then the pull string may not be able to take the weight of the TV.

Also, if you need to move the TV to another location, the same problem will arise again. So, it is always better to think before you act.

remove tv from wall mount pull string

How Can You Remove The Tv From Wall Mount Pull String?

The basic and most important thing to know about the pull string method is that it comes with one of the newest tv mounts.

With that, the tv mounts also provide easy removal of these mounts from the wall. Therefore, it is not hard to learn or identify how you can remove the wall mount pull string.

You will have to understand the mechanism that instead of a screw mounting, your pull string is mounted by a latching system.

In this case, the pull string is usually attached to a latch that releases the bottom side of the tv and stops it from being latched to the wall mount.

So, to completely remove your tv from the pull string, follow the steps given below and make things easier for you!

Be careful, and you need to find the two pieces of string that would be given on the back of the tv bottom.

You also need to pull it a little hard, and you will hear the sound of a click. It will result in the bottom of the tv popping further away from the wall.

Now, go and pull the bottom of your wall-mounted tv away from the wall. Also, don’t forget to remove all the cords that have been attached to the tv. After that, unhook the tv from the wall mount without any problems.

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Wrapping It Up:

Conclusively, I hope that the article has helped you learn how to remove tv from wall mount pull string. There are no hard and fast rules you need to follow. The thing is, you will be able to do it completely because it doesn’t cost time or effort. Just have this guide and make sure that you can do what you have been making such an effort.

In the end, please don’t forget to share this piece of information and keep visiting for more. Have a blessed day!

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