Can You Mount A TV With A Stand? | Let’s Know!

While placing your Tv, you are always given two options to do that. You can either have your tv on the wall for mounting it or use the stand for just placing it straightforwardly. Both methods are quite okay and tried by many people in their daily installation routines. However, you might be curious to know whether can you mount a tv with a stand? That’s the real thing you are looking for if you have made yourself reaching this post.

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Are These The Only Ways To Place A Tv Inside Your Home?

Well, it looks like these are both the most famous and worldly known and used methods for fixing a tv inside your home.

Because either you can have the TV on a wall or place it inside the entertainment center or over a stand.


You should know that every method is suggested and applicable depending on the desires of your installation for the Tv.

Therefore, you can choose any of these modes if you want to mount your tv inside your living room or wherever you prefer to watch your Tv.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Wall Mounting A TV:

However, to make you choose the best method for mounting your tv, I am going to enlist a couple of advantages and disadvantages of both methods.


These will help you differentiate between these both, and you will be able to clearly understand what is the best one if you are going to install the tv for the first time inside your home.

Advantages Of Wall Mount:

Here is plenty of advantages that you can enjoy when you place your tv on the wall. These are given as follows.

Save The Space:

When you actually need to save room space or you don’t have enough space to place a stand on the ground, using the wall mount method would be the best thing you can have.

It gives you more flexibility in determining the tv placement because you don’t need to ponder what should be the right viewing high.

Best For Children:

When you wall mount your tv, it becomes safe for those little creatures inside your home. Because both children and pets won’t get hurt by accident and won’t be able to touch the tv.

Gaining Minimalistic Look:

When you desire to have a minimalist look in your room, you can always have the wall mount installation of your tv.

It lets you watch your favorite tv shows and movies from anywhere inside the house, whether you are working inside the kitchen or completing some other chores.

Enjoy The Tilt Mounting:

It’s easier to enjoy the tilt feature of your tv when you need to turn your tv down. Besides that, you can have your tv for watching from any corner or anywhere inside the room.

Disadvantages Of Wall Mount:

Besides these impressive advantages, wall mount also comes with some very common disadvantages. These are given as follows:

Needed Professional Assistance:

The first drawback you will experience is that it might need professional installation, which adds more cost to the unit.

Installation Failure:

If your hardware says the tv gets damaged while installing it on your, it will cost you that your Tv has been broken. So, you should always take care of things.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Putting Your TV On The Stand:

When it comes to placing your tv on a stand or fixing it inside the entertainment center, there are also some pros and cons you will have to face. I have enlisted some of the most prominent ones in this regard.

Advantages Of Putting The Tv On Stand:

The tv stands bring the following advantages when you prefer to place your tv over it. These are given as follows:

Ads The Beauty To The Room:

You always prefer to choose a fancy piece of furniture that would add to the beauty of your home or room in which you are going to place your tv. It could be a media console or any kind of entertainment center type.

Easy Transferability:

Quick-shift of the tv stands is one of the best ease you will enjoy because most tv stands come with tires. You can move them from one place to another without any problem. It will provide you with easy transferability and more comfort.

More Space For Encoding More Stuff:

If you have a tv stand, you can use its place described or given beneath it for placing some stuff. It could be books, décor items, some clothes, or your kid’s toys. These will let you save more space and arrange things easily.

Disadvantages Of Tv Stands:

Some of the known worldly disadvantages of using these tv stands are given as follows:

Covering Space:

The first drawback you will experience is almost covering a little more space. Because a table stand is always to be placed on the floor. That’s why it can cover more space than putting your tv on the wall.

Childs And Pets Are Insecure:

If you have children inside the home, placing a tv on a stand could be dangerous. Because anything as either the children of the tv itself could get hurt.

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Final Thoughts:

Successfully, after knowing all the pros and cons, can you mount a tv with a stand. You can easily decide on choosing your desired method for placing a tv. However, it is always better to use a wall mount, even if it will cost you more money on installation.

But still, it will provide you with a couple of benefits you won’t get when you put the tv on the stand. Therefore, it is your decision, and you must be wise about it.

Moreover, let me know if you have any queries to ask. I am here to solve your problems and provide you with the needed solution. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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