How To Tell If A Wall Mount Will Fit Your TV? | Follow Easy Guide!

Are you here to find the answer to how to tell if a wall mount will fit your TV” because you want to mount your tv on the wall but don’t have the exact specifications of the mount you wanna choose for it? If this is so, panic not and begin your journey with me. I know that mounting a tv on the wall has become a trend. This trend will also be applied to you if you keep considering what specifications a particular mount must meet. And it happens before you select a mount for your tv to hang against the wall.

That’s pretty simple and easy if you are known to certain things and have good ponder. Therefore, I would ask you to take a deep breath and start your day with me. Because at the end of the day, you will completely know how to tell if a wall mount will fit your TV? Let’s get started!


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What Is A Wall Mount Basically For A TV?

Before you start finding this particular answer, let’s give you a general idea of what a tv wall mount is and how it works.

The thing is, a wall mount is a device you place on your wall for the sole purpose of holding a TV. Wall mounts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. But most of the time, it’s a bracket that acts as the actual mount.

The bracket is designed to hold the TV’s weight and make sure it doesn’t topple over.


You can hang your TV in a variety of different places. Still, most people hang them on the wall because it provides the best viewing experience.

Will All Wall Mounts Fit My Tv?

No, that’s certainly not gonna happen that all tv mounts must be designed for your tv. It is a rule of thumb as most TVs come with their own specifications, as does their wall mount. You might find any mount fitting with two TV sets.

But mostly, if you get a bigger tv or a smaller one, you will have to have different mounting brackets. It is pretty easy to find a wall mount for your specific tv if you exactly know all of its specifications deeply.


Therefore, if you are going to fit your new tv on your older one, the older one might not fit it. And you may not be able to achieve what you are supposed to achieve.

So, How Exactly To Tell If A Wall Mount Will Fit Your Tv?

If you have brought your new tv to your home, the next thing you will do is confirm whether that Tv of yours supports the wall mount. And which wall mount you should get for it, depending on what basis. Please take a look as I have made that easier for you.

The Location Of Your Tv:

To know whether a wall mount will fit your tv or not, the first thing you need to specify is the wall or where you will install your tv.

It is wisely and widely accepted that mostly the tv mounts come with all the hardware. And tools that could be used for installing your tv on drywall.

Everything, including those bolts, wall anchors, and other stuff, is coming inside this type of installation.

However, it is unfortunate that if you are to put your tv on a masonry surface. Or over a plaster, you will need a unique type of installation and gear for that.

In this way, you will be granting yourself that using the right hardware could easily hold the weight of your television.

Therefore, the first thing you need to remember is to select the exact place for your tv installation. And gather the required hardware for that, including everything necessary.

Type Of The Mount You Will Choose For Your Tv:

It is also important to note that the mounting type you will be choosing for your tv totally depends on how you will be watching it. In this case, you can always choose a permanent mount Only, if you don’t wanna access your tv ports anymore and fit it at its exact height.

On the other hand, if you go for standard and thin mount styles for mounting, you will have the easiest and space-saving. Plus, cheaper installation mounts.

It will also vary and change when you would like to try different mounting options. This includes the tilt or above the fireplace.

Your Tv Weight And Size:

As I told you before, tv mounts come in different sizes and different weight-bearing capacities. And to get a particular one for your tv, you must keep in your mind the exact weight of your tv.

It is because if you do not know how much your tv weighs. And what its size is, you might end up having or buying the wrong tv mount for that. That is not something you would like to do.

For this, you would need to check the manufacturer’s instructions. And check the compatibility of your tv with the wall mount you would like to buy. Moreover, these specifications would be written on the manufacturer’s page you will be getting.

Also, you can have this information from the manufacturer’s website just by looking for the model of your tv on it.

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Wrapping It Up:

Finally, I hope that these parameters will let you understand better how to tell if a wall mount will fit your TVif you have read this post to this end. And I do hope that there is nothing left behind to answer. So, please give your best and search out the necessary details about your tv and its mounting bracket. And once that is done, make your decision that is in your best regard.

Plus, go and have a perfect tv wall mount that would easily fit your tv weight, size, and the type of installation you want to have with it.

In the end, it’s been a nice journey making you understand stuff like that. Please let me know using the comment box if you have more queries. Have a blessed day!

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