How to Assemble TV Stand with Mount? – The Easiest Way

If you fail to set up your mounted TV stand properly, it might break into pieces along with the screen mounted on top. This disaster will cost you a lot of money and your beloved TV screen. So, to avoid any such mishap, you must be looking for something to guide you with, “how to assemble TV stand with mount?”

It can be very tricky to set up TV stands with a mount, mainly because they are a new advancement in the world of TVs and TV accessories. Most people have started buying a mounted TV stand to avoid spending a lot of money setting up a wall-mount TV.


There’s no doubt these TV mounts offer great benefits. To get the most out of TV stand mount, you need to set it up properly. So, check out this guide to know how to assemble TV stand with mount.

Types of TV Stands with Mounts

There are two main types of mounted TV stands. Others are only different variations in one of these two types. These types are:

Basic TV Stand with Mount

A basic TV stand mount is one with either only a base or with multiple shelves/plates, with a mount attached to the top. These stands usually have only one or four legs and a broad base. Some of the newer models of TV stands are adjustable in length and give you the freedom to rotate/tilt the mount holding TV. Setting up these stands is relatively easy and requires a little effort only.


Why get a Basic TV Stand with Mount?

  • Basic TV stands with mounts are considered best for small room settings, as they don’t take up a lot of space.
  • These stands enable you to get a wall-mount-like view without drilling holes into the wall.
  • These stands are usually very lightweight and can be easily ported from one room to another. Making them an excellent option for those who like moving their TV screens across different rooms.
  • Basic TV stands are very easy to assemble and only involve a few basic steps. But, most of these stands work best only for lightweight screens.

The second type of mounted TV stands are those with mount and cabinet. These stands offer a lot more storage capacity and are designed to work as a regular TV stand. A TV stand with cabinets is a bit trickier to put together. However, if you correctly follow the instructions given in the manual, you can quickly set it up.

TV Stand with Mount and Cabinets.

Why get a mounted TV stand with cabinets?

  • A TV stand with cabinets is best for people who want to increase the storage capacity in the room.
  • These stands are great for people who want to add a modern piece of furniture to the room.
  • These stands are very sturdy and can easily hold the larger TV screens without losing stability.
  • Despite being huge, most of these stands are still pretty easy to move around the house.
  • TV stands with cabinets are available in different types, such as wooden, glass, steel, contemporary, etc. So you can choose the one that would go best with the rest of your furniture without compromising the comfort level.

How to Assemble a Basic TV Stand with Mount?

To learn how to correctly set up the TV stand with a mount, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Preparing the Base of the TV Stand

First of all, lay down the lowest shelf of the TV screen facing upwards and attach the plastic stand base (designed to hold the post) on top of it with the help of the bolts provided with it. Next, hold the same shelf at a 90-degree angle and place the provided metal cap to the bottom of the rack. Secure the plastic and metal base plates with the help of bolts.


Attaching the Stand Post to the Base Plate

After the plastic base is secure, proceed by attaching the stand post with the plastic base holder. After placing the stand post on top of the plastic base cap, start tightening the bolts. Make sure to secure the bolts in place well, or else the stand rod might wobble after installing the TV screen.

Attaching the mount to the Stand Post

Once the stand is attached and adequately fixed, take the mounting plate and hold it next to the stand post. Once you have decided the height at which you want to fix the TV mount, put the bolts and securely tighten them.

How to Assemble TV Stand with Mount and Cabinets?

Most TV stands with cabinets come all prepared and ready for mounting TVs. But, a few lightweight mounted TV stands with cabinets need to be set up at home before you place the TV on top of them. However, in case of a TV stand, you’ll have to attach the mount too. If you want, you can follow these instructions to assemble a TV stand with cabinets.

Preparing the Back and Side Walls

Firstly, place the back wall of the TV stand and screw/slide in the side walls.

Attaching Front Panel and Door Knobs

After that, attach the front panel to the sidewalls and correctly set it in place. If your cabinet TV stand comes with doors pre-attached to the front wall, you can go ahead and put on the doorknobs on the doors. If not, make sure to put in the doorknobs before attaching the front panel/wall.

Setting the Cabinet Partitions in Place

Once the front panel is secure, move on to the next step and attach the slots to the back walls. These will serve as the base of cabinets. Also, set in place the top partitions that will separate one cabinet from the other.

Attaching the Bottom of the TV Stand

Next, turn the cabinet upside down and secure the bottom of the TV stand in place. Make sure you fix everything appropriately, so the back doesn’t wiggle.

Placing the Mount on the Top Wall and Attaching it to the Stand

Before you set the top panel in place, attach the mount using the same way we attached the mount in a basic TV stand. When you are sure the mount is placed correctly and doesn’t shake on applying force, insert the top panel of the TV stand into the grooves or slides in the side and back walls.

Note: The assembling instructions might differ for different TV mounts with cabinets. If you are still unable to figure out what to do, you can take a look at the manual that came with it.

How to Assemble TV Stand with Mount? – Final Verdict

Assembling a TV mount stand carefully, is very important to ensure the safety of your TV and TV stand. As it is a new experience for most people, everything can seem hard at first.

But, if you are also setting it up for the first time, you can check out this step-by-step guide to help you figure out how to assemble TV stand with mount?

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