How Much Does Handy Charge To Mount A TV? | Let’s Know This!

Suppose you have purchased your brand new Tv and going to mount it on the wall or anywhere inside the home. What will you do if you cannot perform this mounting on your own? Obviously, the first thought that will come to your mind is hiring a professional or a person who can do the job easily. In this case, you should know that such mounting costs you a little more money that would be added as an additional cost to your Tv. But how much does handy charge to mount a tv exactly? If this is the query you are looking for today, you have reached the best place to find all about this out.

Therefore, please have a stay and start reading this post with me. Because if you do so, you will learn how much does handy charge to mount a tv you would have to pay for a particular mountain of a tv. Let’s get started.


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What Are Tv Mounts Actually?

Before you start and have an idea of prices for different types and different modes of installations, you should know what these tv mounts actually are and for what purpose they are used. 

So, basically, television mounts are the brackets that can be used and designed to secure your TVs to the wall firmly.

It is important to note that these are used for flat-screen televisions. These are used when you need an alternative to place your tv if you don’t want to place it on the stand, table, or entertainment center.


You can use these for installing your TVs on the wall. They are efficient in saving space, providing more space so that you could place furniture there and make your living room, bedroom, or other places look vibrant.

Also, such an installation allows you to watch your tv even while doing household chores if you have fixed it in such a position or way.

The Average Price Of TV Mounting:

On general notes, the average price that you will pay for mount installation comes between 100 USD to 300 USD. It is also crucial to know that most homeowners will easily pay around 200 bucks if they want to install 40 inches professionally tilting tv. However, these are the general parameters, but these prices could vary.


Sometimes, you may pay higher than this volume, and sometimes, you go on the opposite side. Moreover, it also gets expensive as your requirements and considerations to install a tv increase.

Typically, a 25 inches tv that is installed by a professional will cost you around 75 bucks. In comparison, a heavy tv of 65 inches may cost you around 1000 bucks with the required safety and professional installation.

So, it is transparent that these prices change for the different factors related to tv. I will let you have an idea about some of the prominent ones in this post. Please keep reading.

Find the table below to get a general idea of TV mounting and installation prices.

Installation TypePrice In USD
Average Cost Accepted Nationally200
Range Price On Average100-300
Lowest Price75
Highest Price1000

Cost For Tv Mounting By Tv Size:

TVs come in different sizes, and due to their huge or small sizes, the price of installation and mounting will keep varying. Therefore, below you have the prices according to tv sizes. Take a look, please.

Size Of A TVPrice In USD ( For One Unit Only)
If the tv is less than 25 inches15 to 110
If the tv goes from 25 to 35 inches15 to 200
If the tv goes from 35 to 55 inches20 to 300
If the tv goes from 55 to 65 inches30 to 400
If the tv goes from 65 to 65 inches60 to 500
If the tv goes from 75 and above 75 to 800 and more

Cost For Tv Mounting By Tv Weights:

TVs also come with different weights. With TV, weight is a significant factor because it increases your costs for installing and securing it against the wall. In this case, below are the prices you will find for mounting tv concerning their weights.

Weight Of A TVPrice In USD ( For One Unit Only)
If the tv is less than 30 lbs.15 to 50
If the tv goes from 30 to 40 lbs.15 to 60
If the tv goes from 40 to 60 lbs.20 to 100
If the tv goes from 60 to 70 lbs.40 to 300
If the tv goes from 70 to 110 lbs.50 to 400
If the tv goes from 110 and 160 lbs. 50 to 400
If the tv goes from 160 to above75 to 500

Cost For Tv Mounting By Mounting Type:

You will see that the Tv prices also vary when you ask for a different type of mounting or installation. It could vary depending on the space, the beauty you want, and other considerations inside your home for installing a tv.

Installation Type:Price In USD ( For One Unit Only)
When Tv Goes Under Cabinet15 to 100
When you need fixed installation15 to 150
On door installation20 to 200
Ultra-Thin installation30 to 300
Tilting installation50 to 300
In-wall installation   100 to 500
Full Motion Installation100 to 500
On Ceiling Installation100 to 500
What about fireplace150 to 500

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Wrapping It Up:

At this point, I hope that you have got the idea about how much does handy charge to mount a tv if you have paid a little attention while reading this guide. Moreover, I do hope that you don’t have more queries to ask. But even if you have some, please use the comment box to reach me as I am here to help you and guide you in every matter.

Thanks a lot for spending time and giving your energy. Have a wonderful day.

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