Heat Shield To Protect Tv Over Fireplace- The Ultimate Way!

If you have installed a Tv just over the Fireplace, then you must be a little worried about the safety of your Tv unit. You need to spend some time thinking about how you can protect your Tv which is installed over the fireplace. There’s an answer to safeguard your TV and i.e. Heat Shield. Yes, you can go for the heat shield to protect Tv over Fireplace

We all know about the distribution of heat from electronic devices and gadgets. Tv, being an electronic device also generates some heat and when you mount it over the fireplace, the chances of overheating could arise. 


If you are wondering about does heat can damage your Tv? Then the right answer would be, Yes. Overheating of any electronics device may damage its circuit or any other parts.

For that reason, you should use a heat shield to protect Tv over fireplace. This guide will give you in-depth information about how you can use a heat shield to protect your Tv. 

Different Ways to Protect Tv over Fireplace

There are many different ways which you can try out to protect your Tv which is installed over the fireplace. The most convenient way to do so is using a heat shield. We will take you through all the ways here. You can then pick the right way from the list as per your preferences. 


Method 1: Heat Shield to Protect Tv Over Fireplace

There are a variety of heat shield products available in the market. What you can use to protect your Tv from excessive heat from the Fireplace is using a heat shield sheet.

The heat-shied sheet is made from heat-resisting material that ultimately keeps the heat generated from the fireplace away from the main Tv unit. 

Users can use the heat shield sheet to protect other appliances installed over the fireplace. Besides the Tv unit, they can even safeguard the soundbar or speakers or any other appliances besides the Tv.  

Heat Shield To Protect Tv Over Fireplace

Method 2: Use Fireplace Doors 

The second convenient option to reduce the excessive heat generated from the fireplace is by simply closing down the doors of the fireplace. Most fireplaces come equipped with doors made from metal or glass materials. 

If you want to see the fire with closed doors which adds an authentic look to your drawing room, you should replace the metal door with glass doors. You can close the doors when not required while keeping the fireplace on. 

Method 3: Switch to a Gas-powered Fireplace 

If you are using an electric fireplace, then you should switch to a gas-powered fireplace if you are worried about the safety of your TV.

Gas-powered fireplaces come with additional benefits. 

The most important thing which you can do with a gas-powered fireplace is you can control the heat as per your needs. You can reduce the gas supply to reduce the flame and this way you can manage the heat generated by the fireplace. 

Moreover, you don’t need to stick in front of the fireplace to look after the flame or its fuel as the gas-powered fireplace provides consistent flame with even heat generation. 

Heat Shield To Protect Tv Over Fireplace

Method 4: Install Fireplace Shelf 

The fireplace Shelf is the right thing which one must use to separate the fireplace and the Tv unit. The shelf comes with extra benefits and it is all worth your money. 

A fireplace shelf can separate the fireplace unit from the TV. There will be no heat passing from the fireplace to the Tv unit directly. 

The second thing is you can utilize the shelf to decorate the area. You can use art pieces, crafts, toys, and many other items to use this place. 

Method 5: Buy a Suitable TV Enclosure 

A Tv Enclosure is the perfect protection shield that you can use to protect your Tv from the Fireplace.TV enclosures come in different shapes and sizes.

Different manufacturers design different types of tv enclosures as per the demands of the consumers. 

TV Enclosures are not primarily designed to protect your Tv from heat, but they are designed to protect it from dirt and debris.

Since the enclosure is made from high-grade material, it can protect your Tv from excessive heat. So yes, you can use a Tv enclosure as a shield to protect it from the heat of the fireplace. 

Things to Consider Before Installing Your TV Over the Fireplace 

There are several things which you should consider before installing your Tv above the Fireplace in your drawing-room. Here, we have prepared a list of things which you should follow. 

1. The Height of the Tv

The first thing you need to check is how high will you install the Tv? Ideally, you should install the Tv 1.5 ft above the fireplace. Keep the Tv unit as far as possible from the Fireplace if you have to install it over the Fireplace only.

2. Protection 

The second thing which you should consider while installing the Tv above the fireplace is which protection method will you choose from the above list.

In general, most people would go with the heat shield to protect Tv over Fireplace. Heatshield sheet is a more convenient choice than any other options available. 

3. Safety Concerns 

There is one more thing which you should consider here is how would you safeguard your Tv? You can close the door of the fireplace or can use a Fireplace shelf to add extra safety to your Tv besides the protection. 

The Final Thoughts: 

Heat Shield to Protect Tv over Fireplace is the most recommended method. If you go for professional help, the contractor would suggest installing the heat shield sheet to safeguard your Tv from excessive heat. 

However, you can even go for the fireplace shelf which is also a good option. A fireplace shelf can help your Tv unit stay safe from the heat and also enhance the look of your drawing room. It is up to you to decide which method you prefer from the above list!

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