How To Mount Samsung 55 Curved Tv? | Find By Yourself!

Having your TV mounted comes with its perks. So, if you are here to know how to mount Samsung 55 curved tv, you are in the right place.

By mounting your Samsung 55 curved tv, you’ll not just be saving space if you’re an apartment dweller. But also getting a better view of whatever you are watching as the TV will be placed higher up and further away from a couch or armchairs, it might otherwise block if kept on the floor or a table.


However, the only caveat is that mounting your TV does come with some necessary preparation both in terms of the materials needed for correctly doing so and safely avoiding injuries during installation.

To provide helpful information on how to mount Samsung 55 curved tv, I have provided answers to questions such as what equipment or tools you should bring along, how high above the wall should one mount their TV, etc. Let’s get started!

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Tools Needed To Mount Samsung 55 Curved Tv?

  • To begin, you need to have a power drill. This will allow for holes to be drilled through both cement and wooden studs. 
  • A pencil comes in handy for marking specific spots that need to be drilled with the power drill. 
  • measuring tape is needed for accurate measurements on the distance from one point to another e.g. where you want your shelves hung or how wide you want your countertops installed. You can also use it for making sure there is space between cupboards and appliances.
  • Use this measurement as a guide to mark on the wall where you want cupboards or fixtures attached using pencils first before drilling away with your power drill!

Where To Mount Samsung 55 Curved Tv?

Mounting the TV can be difficult, depending on your house. There are many factors to consider when you are climbing a TV.


First, the distance from where you plan to sit and watch TV should be a maximum of .55 times your screen size in inches.

Make sure that whatever amount you buy accommodates your TV’s weight (and where you’re planning on putting it), along with being able to hold up to whatever else is mounted to it.

Otherwise, if mounting on the wall isn’t possible or seems plausible, we recommend going with an entertainment center stand.


The weight and loading capacity combination should be thoroughly examined before deciding anything!

How To Mount Samsung 55 Curved Tv?

Mounting a television isn’t nearly as easy-breezy as most movie montages suggest ha-ha. Therefore, make sure you enlist some friends to help you lift and place your gigantic home theater on the wall.

Step 1: Attach Tv Wall Mount To The Wall:

It doesn’t matter whether you have a wood or concrete wall – regardless of what your wall is made out of, it’s best to make six marks on the wall where you will install the screws.

Then use either a drill with a 10mm diameter and 60mm hole depth or whatever method is available to get these measurements right. On a concrete wall, use appropriate screws.

Therefore, these can be easily acquired from specific providers depending on your home’s location (surface type). Finally, install the TV mount/wall bracket where it should be screwed in securely.

Step 2: Cover The Wall Plates With A Plastic Cover:

The plastic cover will help the wall plate slide straight into place and cover up all the screws holding it in place, helping the mount blend seamlessly into the wall.

Step 3: Move Mounting Plates Onto The TV:

To make sure your TV is mounted correctly, you will start by connecting the mounting plates to the back of the TV using four screws.

Moreover, each plate will have holes drilled at equal distances from one another for a reason. Depending on the width of your TV, you may need to use washers for everything to fit without interfering with other parts located around the TV.

If needed, you can also use an extension nut, among other things.

Also, make sure that every screw is hand-tightened. And they are all placed in parallel before tightening them down with an appropriate socket wrench. And then test it before hanging your TV.

Step 4: Hook TV To The Wall Plate:

First, adhere the two curved arm brackets onto the mounting plate to secure the TV to the mount. Then, align and insert a sliding rail into each bracket on one end of the plate.

Give it just that little extra push to make sure each bolt is secured an inch down into each respective clip on either side. Now you can move on to attaching the magnetic pendants onto the mount.

Step 5: Adjust The Tilting:

The TV set might need to be moved into a better viewing position from all the handling. The plates on the head of the television might end up needing to be tightened.

Or loosened for it to be moved comfortably into place at its highest point above eye level to be able to watch it from a favorable angle.

Step 6: Manage The Cables Properly:

Keeping your workspace tidy and clean makes a big difference in how productive you can be. So, create a tie-down for the cable, then anchor it with a clip.

All cables run downward come out of the enclosure and feed into one neat point. Once you create this attachment point, cut any excess length.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Wall Mount Should I Choose For My Samsung TV?

It is important to remember that not all wall mounts are the same. Samsung No Gap Wall Mounts offer a unique design that securely holds your QLED/Frame TV firmly against your wall.

But still leaves enough room to keep optimal airflow around while orientating the set as needed at any time after being mounted.

What Should Be The Size Of Screws To Mount Samsung 55?

You can use standard screws for wall mount installation, which are more readily available than specialized. Plus, for TVs less than 23 inches, the size is M4.

For TVs between 24-38 inches, the size is M6. For TVs above 39 inches, the size is M8.

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Final Words:

In this article, I have discussed some steps on how to mount Samsung 55 curved tv successfully. I hope that with all these steps followed thoroughly, you can be sure that your Samsung 55-inch Curved Television is in the right place. And this will make you a master of mounting curved TVs.

I hope this guide has been valuable. And helpful – especially for those who have added a new TV to their home entertainment system!

Please leave your comments below if you have any more questions or concerns. I love hearing from our readers and take community feedback very seriously! Have a Good day!

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