Mounting TV In RV bedroom- The Ultimate Guide

You might be missing out on an essential entertainment aspect if there is no TV mounted in your RV bedroom. TV is the go-to device to have in your RV, be it your best-loved shows that you enjoy watching the most or the news updates that you hear to keep yourself updated. For that case, do you want to know the step-by-step of mounting tv in RV bedroom?

Let’s get the TV mounted to your RV wall.


Things to be mindful of before mounting the tv in your RV bedroom

The fanciness of RV often results in questions like “Does RV need special TV?” The good news is no, there is no strict requirement of suing an RV-specific brand only. You can use any regular television. 

However, it does not mean that attaching a TV to an RV wall is the same as mounting it to the wall of your home. Because, unlike TVs at home, you can get done with the task quite quickly as you do not need to remove the wall mount every time.

In RVs, you would require to take off the whole cabinet each time you plan to attach a new TV. Following are important points to take care of when pursuing the mission of setting up your RV TV.

  1. Ensure that you are not dealing with wires connected to the main power.
  2. Tighten up the screws properly so that nothing falls.
  3. Decide your location for TV before getting started, as it might not be that easy to remove it and move it to another place.

Tools required to help you in RV TV installment

If you want to make the job of attaching a TV to an RV wall go smooth, make sure to have the following set of tools with you. Here is everything that you will require.


As discussed earlier that you can use regular TV for RV as well. It is better to check if its adjustable arm can be locked or not. If not, employ the safer choice of removing it from the mount while traveling to avoid its risk of falling off. 

The smarter approach is to opt for RV TVs, designed particularly for RV use. It will allow you to keep the TV mounted during traveling also its swivel arms minimize the damage of vibration.


Power Drill

While an ordinary screwdriver will work to screw into a wall, it will be time-consuming and difficult. Keep a power drill to do this task effortlessly.

Stud Spotter & Drill bits

To find the spots in the RV wall that can provide potential support, having a quality stud locator is essential. Philips head bit and masonry bits are needed to make holes and operate mounting screws.

Level tool

If you don’t want unnecessary holes in your RV wall, it is recommended to use the level. It is better instead of trusting your eyes only.

The step-by-step instructions to install a TV mount

Following is your guide for the TV mount installation process. Read our comprehensive guide to level up your RV journey with a mounted TV.

Set your TV mount

It is important to carefully position your TV before finally skewing it up to that place because it is difficult to change the TV’s height with non-adjustable mounts. Even the adjustable mounts have the limited opportunity of changing the TV’s viewing angle.

Here is a valuable tip to help you locate the right position for your TV. With a friend holding the TV up to a place where you want it to be, evaluate all the viewing angles from the spot where your bed or couch is.

Find the RV wall studs

After you have decided the location, find RV wall studs that you would use to mount the TV. Keep in mind that you cannot rely on RV stickers; placed by manufacturers as they might not be the right location to mount your TV. 

The best practice instead is to hover the stud finder in your chosen area- until a stud is discovered. Now, mark the position. 

Another essential tip is to look for plumbing or electrical wiring behind the wall: also the places where you would not like to drill a hole into.

Drill holes and Place Mounting Bracket

Use a pencil or marker and mark the places where you are about to drill the holes. You can do this by holding the mount up to the wall.

Remember, this is an important step that you should not skip. Drilling the holes before putting the screws saves it from cracking the wall. Drill the screws into holes by holding the TV mount up against the wall.

Join mounting plate and TV

Uncover the holes for mounting plate attachment in the TV. Also, if there is a stand with the TV, remove it. Then, use the included hardware and join the mounting plate at the back of the television. 

Set your TV to RV wall

Here comes the last step. Raise your TV, align the plate with the wall bracket. Finally, connect them. An important reminder to be mindful of is to follow manufacturers’ guide for mounting the TV to your RV wall. It is because TV mount designs differ extensively.

Good job!

Last things last

The last tips I have for you is; 

  • Don’t rely all on the mounting stickers provided by the manufacturer. 
  • Keep the screws tight if you want to keep the RV TV in one position.
  • The use of tools should be perfect to succeed in the process.
  • Use a power drill instead of the regular screwdriver to fasten the process.
  • Don’t trust your eyes; use a level tool to adjust the RV TV.
  • Before drilling, make sure to mark the spot using a pencil or marker.
  • Be sure about the spot you want to mount the RV TV.


That is all. Your TV is ready to connect to a satellite TV or RV antenna. We hope you will succeed in mounting tv in RV bedroom with the step-by-step simple instructions.

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