Do You Have To Use Spacers When Mounting A Tv? | Answered For Good!

Like other gadgets and electronic appliances, the TV has become the most needed and even the basic necessity of every small or large house. There might be any house in this world that doesn’t possess a Tv these days. Because tv provides you with the latest news, and entertainment, and when it has been upgraded with the latest technology, it gives you more comfort while choosing your preferences. However, sometimes, when you bring a new one inside your house, queries like do you have to use spacers when mounting a tv disturb you a lot. Because while the installation process, you might not be sure about certain things like these.

Therefore, you should take a break and find yourself involved in this post. Because I will guide you properly, do you have to use spacers when mounting a tv and a lot more information about that? Please take a look!


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What Are Spacers For Tv Mounting?

Spacers are used to ensure the TV is at the proper height and level. If a TV is too high, it can cause neck strain; if it is too low, it can cause headaches and backaches. Spacers are therefore used to optimize viewing while reducing eye level and back issues.

Spacers are also used in conjunction with different types of mounts. If a TV is mounted on a wall and a person is sitting on a couch, the couch will cause the TV to be tilted downwards.

Spacers can counter this tilt and fix the TV to be level.


Also, the Spacers are used for security purposes. If a TV is mounted to the wall, spacers help ensure the TV doesn’t fall off if the mount is compromised. Spacers are therefore used on most models of mounts to ensure optimal viewing and security.

Why We Use The Spacers For TV Mounting?

If a TV is not mounted properly, it can be dangerous. TV can fall from the mount and cause very serious injuries.

Placing a TV on a shelf or table is not a good idea. Because it may fall over and hurt anyone present in the room. 


Spacers are used to make sure that the TV is mounted correctly. Also, spacers are used to separate the TV from the mounted wall to reduce the risk of serious injuries.

Spacers add extra room between the TV and the wall to give the TV room to breathe, which will help prevent it from overheating. They allow your TV to hold its own weight when it’s not perfectly level. Also, spacers will give you a level and sturdy mount, preventing it from falling off the wall.

Moreover, you can use the spacers when there is a need to ensure that the bracket where you have inserted the screws and attached to the Tv doesn’t bend.

It will only bend if the TV is not in a flat position or has any kind of screw holes. These might be recessed a bit and will not offer a lip for the bracket to locate or meet when you need to tighten the screw.

Do You Always Need To Have Spacers While Mounting The TV?

Now, the question arises, whether you will need to use the spacers. Whenever you mount your Tv on the wall or not? Although, using spacers is a good option when you need a little more solid durability. And surety that your Tv has been mounted properly.

Yet there are certain conditions when using these will be appropriate, and you don’t need to use them otherwise. It will save your time and energy.

So, here are some of the needed times when you need to use the spacers to make things better. Because no matter what, the safety of your tv matters a lot as these TVs are away expensive.

  1. When you need to separate your tv from the wall so that it can get enough space. Or air from the backside, it would be a great idea to save your tv from humidity and others.
  2. Spacers can also be used when you want to prevent your tv from overheating. Because when it runs continuously, it will need air to collaborate with the environment and stand-alone better.
  3. You will also use the spacers when your tv is not properly fixed as it is lying or you have a fear that it will fall sooner. So, you should use spacers to make things solid and stronger.

Moreover, there could be other scenarios when you need to use spacers. But still, it doesn’t define that you always need spacers when you are going to mount your tv to the wall.

However, I would recommend you use them as they will keep your important asset safe and secure. So, using these will not cost you anything at all. Rather these will keep your tv safe from falling or any other damage external as well as internal damage.

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Wrapping It Up:

Hopefully, if you have made up to this end of the post, you definitely have known about do you have to use spacers when mounting a tv? As the name suggests, a spacer is a piece of iron or plastic used to increase the space between two things that are fastened.

Therefore, it simply means, when you need to increase the space between the wall and your tv, you can use these spacers and get your work done. It is not that complicated to do. However, if you still have ambiguities, please visit the comment section and let me know about your queries. I will try my best to solve them.

In the end, I would like to thank you for the time you have given reading this post. And if you liked it, please don’t forget to share it with those who need it. Keep watching, keep loving!

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